Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Being Neither Left or Right

For most rational people there is no left or right really. There are only discerning thoughts. The problem is that politics play such a crucial role in getting such thoughts disseminated broadly that even thoughtful discerning people often get caught up in taking all sides against all others. But in the process we often lose all rationality. This mentality should be rejected outright.


wmmbb said...

The adversarial process is often a discussion without a dialectic because of a proneness to take up sides rather than hold positions. The biggest divide is between insiders and outsiders.

Judith Ellis said...

Your comment, wmmbb, is so very true. There is often simply no dialectic, no real discussion. By the way, I generally dislike the inside because it typically blinds. But I try desperately to see all sides. Happy to have you here again, friend.