Sunday, August 9, 2009

Being Hillary Rodham Clinton III

How cool is this? The Secretary of State getting down with the locals! Do you see how low this 60 year-old gets?

Waaay cool, eh? But do you remember this? I couldn't help but to include it. It's a favorite.

Get down, Mr. President!


Marion said...

I have to admit, she got down lower than my knees would and I'm younger than her! LOL! Great post, Judith. I always loved that one of President Bush gettin' down, bless his heart. Blessings!!

Judith Ellis said...

Oh, Marion! Now you had me roaring with laughter with the "bless his heart" line. That's what the old mothers in our church would say when they didn't want to say anything even slightly bad! LOL! It so sums up my feelings about the video and President Bush's willingness to get down anyway! You gotta love it! But Secretary Clinton is smooth, eh? Gotta love that too!

dave wheeler said...


Having lived in Little Rock since 1986 I actually met Mrs. Clinton in a breakout session at a school improvement conference I attended while she was Arkansas' First Lady. That was interesting indeed! I also met Paula Corbin Jones interestingly enough as well. "Bless his heart", the terrific all purpose statement for sure!

Judith Ellis said...

Cool, Dave. I have always admired Hillary Clinton. I have never met her, but I do have a friend who knows her very well since the Marion Wright-Edelman time when she was great advocate for children. I have been incredibly impressed with the relationship formed between President Obama and Secretary Clinton after such a hard fought battle. I think, and have always thought, that they genuinely respected one another.