Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Being Senator Grassley

Senator Grassley proves himself to be a hypocrite and a liar. It is apparent why he is propagating a lie that the government wants to "pull the plug on grandma." After receiving 2 million dollars from the insurance industry, it is clear whose side he's on.

Arianna Huffington suggested that Senator Grassley be censored by the Senate for this lie. After all, he is a sitting senator, not merely a crazed town hall wingnut or the former governor of Alaska.


John O'Leary said...

Judith, we never know for certain the extent to which campaign contributions are influencing a politician's vote (and both parties are generously funded by many of these same sources) but I do think it's important the public is acutely aware of where political contributions are coming from - and going to. That aside, I think we can agree that "death panels" and "euthanasia" are obviously NOT in this health care bill. (By the way, there ARE panels whose decisions have life-or-death consequences - who can determine whether a patient can get life-saving medical help - but those panels belong to health insurance companies.) But I don't see any of the major stakeholders in this debate - patients, tax-payers, health insurers, doctors, hospitals, government, pharmaceutical companies, etc. - as villains. They all have a place at the table. But it's too bad we can't hear them all speak through the noise.

Judith Ellis said...

John – Thanks for your comment. But I disagree. I wonder how many Congresspersons, Republican or Democrat,there are out there who routinely vote AGAINST those who have given them millions of dollars in campaign financing--probably NONE or very few!

I also disagree with the villain statement. I think companies, especially health insurance companies, that have been known for practices such as refusing to pay for surgeries after premiums have been paid is a villain.

I see the pharmaceutical industry that makes hundreds of billions of dollars, which includes advertising to uniformed citizens "ask your doctor about...may cause..." and the health insurance practices such as the one above, as not only villainous but disgusting. I will also gladly concede that the good that many do in underdeveloped countries is admirable.

There even seems to be many links between these companies and doctors themselves. The number of pharmaceutical reps that take doctors out and send nice gifts to their offices on a regular basis should perhaps be looked at more closely. I'm sure, or I hope, that unethical practices with such would be minimum. But it also didn't used to be that doctors went into this professional for the money either.

I do agree with you about the "death panels" and "euthanasia" provisions not included in the healthcare bill and the noise that does not help the cause of anyone. But the noise is by design.