Saturday, August 15, 2009

Being a Profiteer of War

How is it that the economy has worsened during two major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when it benefited during WWI and WWII? While not being an advocate of an "industrial military complex," President Eishenhower warned of, or the lost of any life, I seek to know who benefits most economically. I'd like to know the history of profits from war. During the WWI and WWII the people benefited through production and industry. Now, it seems that individual benefits, as many jobs seem to have been outsourced and the people who are benefiting most are the corporate executives like those at Halliburton and Blackwater who pocket the wealth largely, hiring workers in developing countries such as India as contractors. In this sense, I'd like to know who is really "fighting" the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Would the death count be much higher if more Americans were indeed on the ground in these places in various capacities? Even our war efforts seem to be outsourced.

How clever is that--to put foreign nationals on the ground as contractors in war zones? Do we not have the stomach for the 318,274 men who died during WWII for wars today that no one except the profiteers of such really know why we are there and when we will leave? Who is counting the number of these contractors who are in support of the U.S. but are not citizens of it? Really, why did someone as knowledgeable as former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld feel as if so few numbers of American could win a war in Iraq? The extraordinary thing about it is Americans do not seem to be benefiting en masse from our "military industrial complex." The beneficiaries seem to be corporate executives who profit from war, who pocket billions for themselves while the country benefits by far less if at all. Think Iraq. Think Afghanistan. The country has not benefited from industry in this war, individuals have. Is this the reason for the warmongering the former Vice-President Cheney propogated?

It must be abundantly clear that I am not in favor of a "military industrial complex." What I seek to do here is mainly ask questions as to whether our "military industrial complex" has become an "outsourced industrial complex" where corporate executives benefit most and unnamed unaccounted "soldiers" die by thousands. The non-benefit to the economy has gotten me wondering how much of war is outsourced. Without the support of non-nationals, could a war even began to be fought or won? It seems like there remains a "military industrial complex" but one that limits industry in the US, increases the wealth of individuals, and causes the deaths of countless of foreign contractors without which the US soldiers could not effectively operate.

Have we become profiteers of war?


Marion said...

Judith, I have so many questions about our government's policies. Mostly I just throw up my hands in frustration. I do recall in History classes reading about how our nation profited in wartime. Heck, I even worked in an Ammunition Plant when I was in my early 30's making huge shells for bombs! (The plant has been closed down for over 20 years---I wonder where THAT contract went?! The plant had been in operation for over 30 years...)

It's all so confusing. And why can Canada, England and France have national healthcare that seems to work and we can't? Like I said, so many questions, so few answers....You always make me think! Blessings, Judith!

Judith Ellis said...

Marion - It is absolutely ludicrous for us to think that we can outsource everything to China, and India and expect for Americans to have money to buy goods. With a country the size of ours, it is simply foolishness. Isn't it also amazing that when we see that our policies are ill-fated that we seem incapable of reversing them? China seems to be building a middle class via manufacturing as we lose our middle class for the lack of it.

This issue is not a right or left issue, as many of these policies began under both Democratic and Republican leadership. It is more of a rich or poor issue. The same can be sad of healthcare as you have mentioned. It is not right or left, but rich or poor. Both are controlled by ideology. So much so that even those who might benefit for government healthcare are still screaming socialism, facism and all of the other "evils," as if capitalism itself is so pure.

Also, many of these senior who are screaming and shouting that the government should stay out of health care are THEMSELVES on Medicare!!! Many seem very sadly like old fools. Scripture says that "age should teach wisdom." Sadly, it doesn't always.

Keep hope alive and fight like hell! Blessings also to you, Marion!