Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Being an Artist II

Artists attempt to bring order to disorder through structured imagination. What beauty and creativity follow, even bruised, tortured and fractured images, for out of the imagination springs life itself in all of its manifolds. Artists are everywhere.


Brosreview said...

I recognised the first line. And, then I was glad you used it for this post.

So, true! Artists are indeed everywhere!

Judith Ellis said...

I'd imagine you would recognize it, Ajey. :-) The line was used in a comment I made in response to one of yours I believe. I had not been able to shake it. I think I even have more to say about it.

The interesting thing about bringing order through our imagination that we all do it. It is what we do, even in the sciences, math, and engineering. Before data is the simple thought of what is, what was or what will be. It is what we do.

Data reveal stories that ask what is, what was, and what will be. But is we who think of the possibilities which leads to a search which springs from our imagination and we order it through various means, various structures.

The imagination is fueled by a single idea, sights, sounds, smells: cellos, data, perfume, cells, numbers, eagles, lyrics, bacteria, wild flowers, galaxies, etc.

Artists are everywhere.

Dave Wheeler said...


"Structured imagination"...the essence of innovation, problem solving, improving, growth, and evolution. What an interesting combination of words but it definitely defines the process and result.

Terrific thought Ms. Ellis! The world need more love and structured imagination indeed!

Judith Ellis said...

Problem solving? Yes, Dave. This is what the data leads to. But there is that age old question of which comes first. Does the data lead the imagination or does there need be the mere possibility of what is, was or will be to even conceive of the data? Everything begins with a thought, I think.

Ryan Freed said...

Very thought provoking post and last comment. Imagination is our main tool to achieve success. Without it nothing that exists today would have been possible.

Judith Ellis said...

"Imagination is our main tool to achieve success. Without it nothing that exists today would have been possible."

Ah, so true, Ryan! Thanks for popping in. Do come again.

Dave Wheeler said...


In the great Shewart "Plan-Do-Check-Act" Cycle of Life, always the imagination! Imaine a better way and then make it happen!

Judith Ellis said...

Dave - Your link of the imagination to production matters. But this is what artists do! Imagine a writer who only thinks of prose or a painter who only sees color or a research scientist that simply identifies irregularities to no end. Artists create or innovate.