Saturday, June 20, 2009

Being Johannes Rammund de Balliel-Lawrora

After my post, Being "the She-King of Egypt", I received the most supportive letter from a Mr. Johannes Rammund de Balliel-Lawrora, asking for permission to reprint the article on his website, German-American World Historical Society. Of course, I obliged.

Since our initial contact we have exchanged several emails and I am grateful for technology that connected two very diverse people who share common interests and whose passion for life is similar. Mr. Johannes Rammund de Balliel-Lawrora is an 83-year young German-American who speaks fluent German and whose integrity and passion for people the world over have touched my heart.

His personal motto: "When the Truth is Distorted by Pathological Lies; Let Us Who Know; Challenge Their Wisdom!"

Mr. Johannes Rammund de Balliel-Lawrora wrote this week to say that he would love to meet, but as he doesn't drive anymore that might be difficult. I responded that I both drive and fly. It would be my pleasure to make a stop through his city for lunch with him on a layover to any other. I so appreciate Mr. Johannes Rammund de Balliel-Lawrora that I just might take a trip to his city directly with the express purpose of being in his company for a few hours. I'm sure it would be a memorable trip replete with knowledge and learning.

Do stop by Mr. Johannes Rammund de Balliel-Lawrora's website (the link is above) and drop him a note. Also, let's not forget to honor those among us who have paved the way for us. In honoring these we honor ourselves; we honor humanity.


The Write Girl said...

Wow, Judith this is wonderful. Your words and posts always do justice in honoring others. I am very happy for you.

Judith Ellis said...

Yes, The Write Girl, I too thought it was wonderful. Technology is great for connectivity. We may have never known of each other otherwise. Thanks too for your words. Honoring others, older and younger, is important to me. Although, I must admit that I can be quite coarse if need be. :-) I believe it is sometimes necessary to "answer a fool according to his folly," though sometimes not too. "Everybody plays the fool sometimes. No exception to the rule." :-)

Dave Wheeler said...


What a great story and evidence that "words matter" as you always say.

I especially found the motto ""When the Truth is Distorted by Pathological Lies; Let Us Who Know; Challenge Their Wisdom!" to be meaningful. It is a call to action and I'll be at the next Pulaski County Special District Board meeting to represent!

Thanks Judith...the learning never stops on The Being Brand!

Judith Ellis said...

Love it, Dave! Represent! And, yes, words matter!