Monday, June 29, 2009

Being an Opportunist

Now, I don't know about the inner workings of the Jackson family, but the fact that Al Sharpton, Joe Jackson and some guy with whom Mr. Jackson began a record company came out today to talk about the new company smacks of opportunism, of taking advantage of the death of Michael Jackson. Their words were not about Michael Jackson, but they seem to be about a comeback for the others.

Well, for the public this moment isn't about the others, including Janet though not to the same extent as the others. It's about Michael Jackson. I think that Al Sharpton is a smart man. But why he allows himself to become embroiled in such mess is beyond me. The press conference was distasteful and embarrassing. In fact, I didn't even get through it. After listening to Al Sharpton and then Mr. Jackson for a few minutes, I could stomach it no more.


rebecca said...

Joe Jackson is a despicable human being. Period. His son is not even buried and he is already trying to make a comeback for himself and the rest of the clan (those days are gone). I just hope that no one gives him the time of day.

I, too, like Mr. Sharpton and agree with you that I also don't understand how he allowed himself to become embroiled in this. Perhaps soon he'll see the light and give himself distance.

What a mess. I just hope that the court does not grant them custody of the kids. That would be very sad. MJ ran away from all that ugliness and abuse and, whatever one's feelings are of the man, one cannot deny that he loved his children. He was troubled for so many reasons (Joe being one of them) but one cannot deny that he loved his children and never wanted his parents (I believe because of the abuse he suffered under his father) to have custody of them.

Pamela said...

Joe Jackson took opportunity to be an opportunist taking advantage of the gifts his children were blessed with from the very beginning. It was obvious Michael and Janet would become the stars of the family.

Michael even stated in his interview with Oprah re-played over the last few days that he was his father's golden child and maybe that is the reason he was so hard on him. This is after Oprah asked him about the abuse.

I don't think Joe is or ever has been able to seperate Michael, the man, the son, the father and brother from Michael the entertainer/star. He wanted so much for Michael's talents to be what essential they became. But!! He placed the load of his brothers success on him also. A come back sound ridiculous. But are we surprised? Even the interview on the red carpet at the BET awards was a little bizarre to me. He said something about loosing the worlds greatest star, not I just lost my son. I'm not accusing him of not properly grieving, well maybe I am, but can he at least wait until after the funeral before he tries to capitalize.

Circumstances can sometimes cause people to change and sometimes they don't. They continue to live as if no one was trying to get their attention.

As for Rev. Sharpton, He has found his way into many a controversial situation. Some have benefited from him doing so. I applaud his willingness to sometimes stand alone. I think this may be a time when his personal feelings of grief may have over shadowed some good judgement. He honestly I believe just wants Michael to be honored in the best way possible.

Judith Ellis said...

rebecca, I could have not said it better. I did, however, get the sense that Michael Jackson sincerely loved his mother and it appeared that she was the victim of an abusive husband. I also think that he loved his father, but he still spoke the truth as he saw it. Why women stay with men who are abusive to them and their children I have never quite understood. As my mother used to say, "my love would have been gone out of the window."

Judith Ellis said...

I think you are right on about Mr. Jackson, Pamela. He said "I am crying on the inside." My first reaction" Yeah, right? I know. I know. That sounds pretty judgmental. But it was the way that I felt when he spoke. Quite frankly, it's the way that I still feel. My feelings, however, may not be right. I concede this.

While I too appreciate Al Sharpton for his ability to "stand alone," there is a bit of a showmanship about him that sometimes get the good reverend into trouble. Remember the Tawana Brawley fiasco? But there is no doubt that he is a smart man that has been willing to step up when others have stepped back.

rebecca said...


He loved his mother. He had said it many times but I think knowing what the abuse did to him and his mother's inability to protect him is the reason why he never would have wanted his children to live under their roof. He always spoke of giving his children a home where they felt loved and they felt safe. As far as his father, it's the condition of our own humanity that abused children still feel love for that abusive parent; we are incapable of ever fully emotionally disengaging. And it is evident in his own facial reconstruction (a source of ridicule when he was young) that he, in his conflicted soul, still sought (though I believe subconciously) the approval of his father. Whatever one's opinion of him, you can understand his pain and I genuinely felt sorry for him. All I can say is that he is finally at peace.

Judith Ellis said...

rebecca - That is so true about abused children. I have known my share of them, as my sister has fostered 20 kids and most have gone to college. We love them as if they were our blood. No matter how abused they have been they still seek the love and approval of their parents. This seems very strange, but it is very true. I have seen it up close. I have NEVER spoken ill of their parents no matter what they have done. The kids appreciate this, as they always love their parents in spite of the abuse. I too felt very sorry for Michael Jackson and so appreciated his genius. Thanks for your comment.

Marion said...

You know, I hate this, Judith. It breaks my heart to see Joe Jackson, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in cahoots with whatever they're scheming so soon after the death of Michael.

And you are so right: no matter how bad the abuse, a child (until their death) longs for the love and approval of their parents. My husband was verbally and physically abused by his father and his mother never once took up for him---but when his mother died without even telling him she was ill and giving him a chance to say goodbye to her---he was devastated. We bought our first home (we both always lived in rented houses as kids) over 25 years ago and my husband never gave up hope that one day his parents would (magically) come visit and tell him how proud of him they were. Of course, they never did. This still breaks my heart.

I grieve for the lost child that Michael was, the one who never got to be a real little boy and who spent the rest of his life trying to reclaim what was forever lost. I only hope and pray that someone, anyone looks after the needs of his three, fatherless, heartbroken children. It's so sad, so sad....

Judith Ellis said...

Marion - Thank you for sharing your story. It too is heartbreaking. But it is indeed good that your husband has a loving companion in you. While there seems not to be a substituion for the lack of a parent's love and approval, extended family and friends can really make a difference.

I too wish all of the very best for his kids. They are beautiful kids and by all accounts, including Deepak Chopra's, that he was a loving and caring father. The kids seems to have been loved and well trained. I also read that they speak three languages.