Friday, June 26, 2009

Being a Self-Righteous Prick

For the sake of his beautiful wife, handsome four sons and the people of South Carolina, I sincerely hate to say this but Governor Sanford is a self-righteous prick! In an interview with the Associated Press, his wife, a seemingly gracious woman and former Wall Street vice-president and graduate of Georgetown, said that she forthrightly forbade her husband to go to Argentina after repeatedly asking for permission in the past, if they were to work things out. I don't know of a wife who would agree to such thing or a really righteous husband who would ask the same.

"I had every hope he was not going to see her," said Jenny Sanford. "You would think that a father who didn't have contact with his children, if he wanted those children, he would toe the line a little bit." Not only did Governor Sanford leave his children for five days but he left the State of Carolina too. And this self-righteous prick still thinks that he has the judgment to lead? The first lady of South Carolina cried after the interview with the AP and still seems willing to work through the marriage if he is willing.

But no...this self-righteous prick, instead of resigning his office and concentrating on re-building a relationship with his wife and four sons, Governor Sanford used King David as an example for his unrighteous behavior. He said, "What I find interesting is the story of David, and the way in which he fell mightily — fell in very, very significant ways, but then picked up the pieces and built from there." But how can he re-build with his wife when he continues to have a menage a trois and how can he govern when he used the South Carolina taxpayers' money to finance his affair?

King David's example is what not to do. Although he was a highly gifted leader, psalmist and poet, he was greatly flawed and his family and the family of others paid a great price for his shortcomings. "Gifts and callings are irrevocable" but our actions can be too, causing great harm. King David was a man after God's own heart for his heart of repentance and his love for people. Many believe that Governor Sanford could care less about the poor children in his state and his governance is lacking as South Carolina has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. He seems to govern out of ideology and little pragmatism.

King David was a great leader whose life showed us how not to live. This self-righteous prick is no great leader. But he is most certainly an example of what not to do. This self-righteous prick who insisted upon the resignation of President Clinton after his extra-marital affair is going down.


Marion said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, Judith. The man is the epitome of arrogance and stupidity and doesn't know when to call it quits and leave the table with a tiny bit of dignity intact.

They should impeach him, the lying, selfish, thieving, adulturous jerk. His head is so far up his butt, I'm sure he rolls instead of walks.

Judith Ellis said...

Oh, Marion, I got a huge laugh out of your comment!

DB said...

If his wife knew about the relationship, forbade him from going and he went anyway, that's terrible but it's not an impeachable offense. They got Clinton for lying.

If the South Carolina government wants to kick him out it should be for abandoning his post during his watch. DB

Judith Ellis said...

DB - Yes, about his adulterous affair not be impeachable. But what is impeachable is the use of taxpayer dollars to finance this affair and abandoning the State as you have indicated.

BTW - From what I gather she had not the slightest idea where he was. The interview indicates that in the past he wanted to go and visit his lover. She says that she had hoped that he was indeed on the Appalachian Trail.

Pamela said...

Okay, I was out this evening walking to get some air from the news. So, I have missed this evenings lively conversation.

I'm all too happy to chime in.

The story of King David and his fall does seem to be a favorite to hang ones hat on when in trouble.

Judith is correct David had a heart after God's heart. He had a love for God's people, God's house and God. The Governor just wants to cover his butt.

The story unfolds as if the wife knew where he was. You don't ask your husband not to go to Argentina to see his lover and then think he is in the mountains hiking. Okay, she is the victim so, I will cut her some slack.

In a regular relationship a woman would not have to consider the condition of a state, public opinion and future career aspirations. She would simply have to worry about finding a good attorney and taking care of her children.

Now, he should resign for mismanagement of government funds (stealing from the people of SC), for leaving his state ungoverned for five days.

It will be interesting to see if he does not resign or get impeached will he run for re-election and if so what will the outcome be.

Also it is apparent the Rep's really want him out of office.

The Write Girl said... managed to throw in the "self righteous prick" line a few times. Yea, I do agree that it doesn't look too good for him. I hope he does try to repair the damage with his family though.

DB said...

I don't know, Governors and such have been using tax payer's money for all sorts of personal reasons. I remember John Sununu flying around the country on New Hampshire money while he was Gvernor. I think all he got was a slap on the wrist. It certainly didn't hurt his career. And as for Sanford's wife knowing, you say in your blog "she forthrightly forbade her husband to go to Argentina after repeatedly asking for permission in the past," so it seems to me she would have a good idea where he was if he didn't tell anyone. I'm not excusing the guy. It's a stinky mess, but he is the duly elected Governor and I believe he has the right to that position until either he's thrown out or he quits, and if they throw him out it has to be for a legitimate reason and not because of infidelity to his wife and family or being frivolous with the funds.

Judith Ellis said...

"I'm all too happy to chime in."

LOL, Pam! But...uh...I think you did more than chime. I think you rang that bell!

With regards to Governor Sanford's
re-election, I think there are term limits in SC and he can't run again. And let all the women say....Amen! (OK, DB, I'm just having a little fun! :-)

I don't look at his wife as a victim in the least. When I have seen her she seems strong and thoughtful. But I knew something was wrong when she was asked a number of times where her husband was and she said, "I haven't heard from my husband" and "I don't know where he is." But there was probably no doubt that she knew who he was with.

I respect the way she has been handling this very private matter that has been so public. I wish her and the kids the best. And as for him...well... (Just kidding again... :-)

Judith Ellis said...

Yes, The Write Girl, I was pretty ticked when I heard him evoke King David's name as if he was an example in all things. He also evoked other biblical references during his press conference. Stop it!!! I screamed at the TV! What a whacky weaseal! I have zero sympathy for him. But my heart goes out to the wife and kids. If they can work it out, it will be a good thing.

I wonder how the lover husband feels. Would he be down for a menage a trois: two men and the female lover? Why would Governor Sanford think his wife would desire such? What's good for the goose is probably NOT good for the gander. And what if his wife desired such a setup? What if she wanted to go see her lover in Argentina? How would you think this "righteous" man would respond? Probably very unrighteously!

John O'Leary said...

Judith, I think you should come out and tell us how you really feel! (Just joshing.)

Another prominent Republican politician preaching Family Values bites the dust. I think there's been a dozen of 'em in recent years, but I stopped counting. Perhaps there won't be anyone left standing in the GOP by 2012 to contest the presidential election. (Well, maybe Mitt.) No wonder Republicans are defecting by droves - and becoming Democrats or Libertarians.

Judith Ellis said...

"Another prominent Republican politician preaching Family Values bites the dust."

Yeah, John, enough of the preaching and more of the doing! And that goes for all of us in various areas!

With regards to my being less than demure, would you really expect anything else from me? :-)

I do hope, however, to be fair and to always and forever admit when I have myself missed the mark.

Judith Ellis said...

DB - Any legitmate reason will do!!! Whatever they can get him on, that's what should be done! Did I just say that? No, really it would not matter which governor was using taxpayer dollars such should not occur and there should be consequences for this kind of behavior. I think the governor in Alaska has also been guilty of such. Please don't say her name! It's bad enough to think it. I think Marion's a fan. Sorry, friend! That governor is THE MOST embarrassing woman in public life that I have ever known. But then again, I'm a fan of the late erudite Rep. Barbara Jordon of Texas and the moderate thoughtful Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine.

rebecca said...

What I find incredible is that he actually asked her if he could go. That takes gall. What a despicable man he is. And, on camera, he even made it worse by referring to his mistress as a dear, dear, friend, etc. The man obviously has a tremendous ego and is narcissistic because his only concern is himself. His actions proclaim little/no interest in his family's needs or feelings.

But, she says she'll take him back. At that point, I no longer feel sorry for her because he will do it again. Kids or no kids, to me (but that's me) this is a dealbreaker.

Judith Ellis said...

Rebecca - I know. I know. But I sincerely try not to have such opinions of others because such situations are difficult.
But I appreciate also what you would not do. I may, depending on the circumstance and the person. But probably not someone like this governor. There is just something utterly distasteful about him. He seems to have very little self-respect and honor. He seems so weak, like he has no control. And his asking to go see his mistress is truly amazing! Astonishing indeed!

Marion said...

Judith, I just had to make one last comment on this distasteful subject. I talked for over three hours today to a good friend of mine who's live all her life in South Carolina. When the subject of the governor came up she said she'd read some 'steamy' emails that were posted online---the emails the governor had sent to his 'ho!

I was beyond appalled. Yes, I read them---I couldn't stop myself---and now I'm even more appalled. The man can't SPELL or EDIT his OWN EMAILS! He made countless spelling and grammatical errors! That got to me worse than the content. And this man wanted to turn down money for his state's educational system? Sheesh. Learn to spell check, Governor!!!

Judith Ellis said...

LOL, Marion!!! You're killing me girl! I heard about the emails and did not read them. But I did listen to Keith Olbermann's dramatic reading of one of them which was pretty funny, if the disgust could be stripped away. I managed to do so as I listen to the swooning music and a base voice turned mezzo-soprano. But I don't think I could stomach reading them, especially considering who this guy seems to be. You have a good stomach. Had you not read them I would not have had a good laugh! :-) Regarding spell check and syntax, I guess his Georgetown graduate wife took care of those small details for him.

Judith Ellis said...

"The man obviously has a tremendous ego and is narcissistic because his only concern is himself. His actions proclaim little/no interest in his family's needs or feelings."

Rebecca - These sentences have completely summed up my disgust for the man.

Judith Ellis said...

According to the AP today in an article by Allen G Breed...

"Janine Driver, a Washington, D.C.-based body language and deception detection expert, said Sanford showed more emotion when apologizing to Culbertson and longtime political aide Tom Davis than he did when speaking of his wife and four sons. She also believes he lied when a reporter asked if this was the first time he had been unfaithful."