Monday, June 8, 2009

Being Blessed

On my usual evening bike ride I took a slightly different route as the clouds gathered and there was a fresh scent of rain in the air. Just as I was coming around the bend at the zoo a lady was crossing.

With the most beautiful smile this tall middle age woman with smooth skin the color of Carmel said, "God bless you, my queen." The greeting seemed to come from a deep well of goodness and her face bore the brightest smile. "May God also bless you, mother," I responded.

What a beautiful spirit she possessed and I was so happy to have come that particular way to receive such a blessing. Please accept this same blessing that I now pass on to you: God bless you, my kings and queens.


dave wheeler said...


Encounters such as the one you describe are what makes life a most interesting mystery indeed.

As one whose life has been blessed by your kindness, support and friendship thank you seems insufficient. God has blessed you for the remarkably talented person and teacher that you are and me for the positive impact your friendship has had on me.

judith ellis said...

Dave, my friend

Thank you for these beautiful words. I too feel incredibly blessed to call you friend.

I was just going to text you and say, "hey, dude, I haven't heard much from you lately."

It's good to see your name. I hope all is well.

The encounter was unexpected and truly a blessing so much so that I wanted to pass it on.

When things are good, passing it on is my first inclination. I am glad you have received it, my king.



Linda S. Socha said...

What a beautiful post Judith. I receive with gratitude and thanks your lovely blessing.

I am delighted to know you in spirit and in word and I appreciate the knowing

judith ellis said...

Dearest Linda,

You most certainly deserve a blessing for the many that you give daily in your words of encouragement to so many others on your blog and the blog of others. I am most happy, beautiful lady, to pass this blessing on to you and delighted that you have received it, my queen.

Peace and love,


Brosreview said...

You know, sometimes, I have been amazed by acts of kindness by strangers. They say the most sweetest thing that you would otherwise expect from someone whom you know quite closely.

A beautiful line, she said to you. And, you responded in an equally beautiful manner.

Thanks for your blessings!

judith ellis said...

Ajey, my thoughtful young friend

During such a blessing strangers become the most intimate of friends and this is the beauty of a heartfelt blessing. I have given them to perfect strangers and I have received them from the same and the reward of the blessing is bountiful.

There was also this quality about the meeting:

"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels."

--Hebrews 13:2

You are most certainly, my king.

Surrounding love,


septembermom said...

What a spiritually beautiful way to acknowledge another person! Thank you so much for your thoughtful blessing! You have such a welcoming, attentive presence here on your wonderful blog. I am so glad that I can get to know you this way. I send my blessings back to you hundredfold. Hugs!

Judith Ellis said...

Dear septembermom, you, beautiful mom

I receive your blessings and I too am happy to get to know you through your beautiful blog. It reminds me of home.

So glad you stopped through today as you, my queen, grace me with your presence.

Love and Laughter,


James Oh said...

Many thanks for sharing with us such a wonderful spirit and in word and I like to do the same for all of you :- May God also bless my kings and queens.

DB said...

And may many blessing return to you, with leftovers.


Judith Ellis said...

Dear James Oh, my king

Thank you for your blessing and I'm sure that the others receive it too.

Light and Love,


Judith Ellis said...

Dear DB,

You must have undoubtedly played a king in your long history in the theater. By the richness of your words you ARE, my king.

I honor your path, dear sir.

Love and Life,


Anonymous said...

Thanks and God Bless you too!

On passing a woman like that randomly, wow! I guess my life is a little less interesting, I usually quite impressed with a hello these days. Sometimes living in LA really makes me wish I lived somewhere where ppl were friendlier.

Judith Ellis said...

Meena, my queen, beautiful poet, you

I lived in NYC and before I arrived people told me how rude and busy people were. I found it to be the exact opposite. People smiled and were helpful. In fact, I find New Yorkers much more engaging and inviting than Detroiters.

Never lived in LA, but I did live in Cornado, spending a lot of time in San Diego and in San Francisco for two years. I found the people in both southern and northern California warm and inviting.

In both regions that I lived I had similiar experiences; I also had such during my years of living abroad. I think it has a lot to do with energy. On those days that I'm feeling a wee bit down I have to ask myself are you loving MORE today?

Love and Passion,


John O'Leary said...

Hey Judith, it says a lot about you that such encounters occur in your presence!

Just got back from my 30th college reunion. Had some wonderful encounters with classmates I never knew before. I noticed that as we've gotten older my classmates (all male) have become less competitive and more accessible.

Ok, ok, it was my 40th reunion. :-)

Judith Ellis said...

John, my king, my dear friend

Thank you for your words of encouragement, as I am forever becoming more of what I will yet be. I so appreciate you.

40th reunion, eh? That must have been a real blast! Cool! It's also great how time always brings about a change. This knowing is good. Hopefully, it's for the better. As with your classmates, it obviously has been. Great!

I think you're great, J!

Love and Rock 'n' Roll!