Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Being President Barack Obama XII

Bravo, Mr. President! Thank you for your moral voice. Thank you for the truth and civil tone. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you.


Dave Wheeler said...


I too appreciate the tone and tenor of the President's address. I would hope that BOTH PARTIES use the opportunity to get their acts together and realize that thinking "our way is the only way" is not gonna get it on a piece of legislation of this magnitude and importance.

"We the People" are watching! Actions certainly do speak louder than words and we have the power and responsibility to remind our elected officials who they REALLY work for...

Judith Ellis said...

Dave - I think tonight's speech will make a difference. What is most important is all those who simply want to sit on the sidelines or scream lies for political reasons, no matter who they are, will be defeated. But we must insist on change and that our voices be heard.

John O'Leary said...

Very moving speech by the Prez tonight. But when he stated (accurately) that the health care bill does not cover illegal immigrants, Congressman Joe Wilson yelled out "Liar!" (Good civic dialogue.) Then Congressman Boustany was picked by Republicans to give the opposition's response. The only problem is Boustany is a "BIRTHER" who questions whether the President was even born in the US, and therefore questions whether he is legally President!

"Death panels," my ass. How about "mental health panels" to decide if these nut jobs are mentally competent to serve in the US Congress? President Obama's patience in the face of this breathtaking stupidity is heroic. Meanwhile, I keep hoping these outliers will be repudiated by the GOP mainstream. This was a party I actually supported when I was young.

Judith Ellis said...

"'Death panels,' my ass. How about 'mental health panels' to decide if these nut jobs are mentally competent to serve in the US Congress?"

Now, that'a too funny, John. But, oh, so very true!

Congressman Boustany's response was so incredibly lame. It was something like "let's throw this bill out and start again?" Pure craziness after there is 80% support of this. Obviously, being a doctor doesn't mean that you're very bright about people or negotiations. Does he think this is what the American people want?

But, oh my, I didn't know that the "good" Congressman was a birther.

Boustany was as bad as Governor Jindal to me last year, but in a different way. He was dry, lacking in ideas, and needed to read the speeches a few more times to come across more spontaneous.

The Congressman's delivery was poor and his substance lacking. He had no ideas. I'm just amazed at the disintegration of the GOP! Largely it is because of the mass influence of the crazies. It used to be even when the tactics were shameful, the mainstream remained dignified. It's does not seem so today.

Silence is sanction and shame.

How unfortunate!

septembermom said...

I truly feel his sincerity throughout his speech. He is a good man and will prove to be an excellent leader.

Judith Ellis said...

Kelly - I agree with you wholeheartedly.