Thursday, September 17, 2009

Being President Barack Obama XIV

Being a bit leery and weary about the possibility of their not being health care reform that for me needs a public option to keep insurance companies honest and enable small businesses, working people and the poor to purchase insurance, I was beginning to have my doubts. If another option will provide for lower insurance premiums, I'd be happy to embrace it. But no option, not even a cooperative, which Blue Cross Blue Shield began as, seems able to do the necessary things above. Some 70% of Americans, including doctors, and nurses, are for a public option.

Listening to President Obama's speech at the University of Maryland today and his relatively silence on Bacus plan, I became even more leery, quite uncomfortable with my beloved president's style. Where is the leadership I wondered? Then something struck me like a ton of bricks: The president is leading as any great leader does. He knows the law. We have three branches of government: the legislative, judicial and executive. He is not a legislator. But what he signs his name to will be something he "owns."

As with any good CEO, President Obama listens, leads, and governs. But he knows his role and did not seek to create legislation as did the executive branch during the Clinton administration. As a leader he speaks clearly about what he wants to see in the health care reform bill: a public option and no deficit increase. He will not sign a bill that increases the deficit but he will consider another option that will make insurance affordable for small businesses, working people and the poor.

During the month of August President Obama took a hit in the polls. There seemed to have been uncertainty of message among the administration and the downright raucous town halls spread unease and hateful messages and lies that exasperated the process. Where is the President Obama I wondered? Does he not have much fight? But as I listened to him owning his plan I wondered what exactly is your plan?

Well, his plan will ultimately be the plan that passes Congress that includes what the vast majority of the people want, which is a public option or something like it and no increase in the deficit. If a bill does not pass after his bending backwards, listening and leading, it will be the failure of elected leaders in the Congress. But the President's health care reform should pass because it is what the people want: affordable health care insurance and no increase in the deficit.

What seems to be occurring now is that Washington and the American people are accustomed to the old way of doing things, where the president usurps his executive position and legislate a bill as the Clinton administration. With this kind of leadership the role of the people becomes paramount; it is, in fact, a representative democracy.

All of the polls that I have seen indicate that the American people want a public option or something that will force honest competition and not apparent price setting where the cost of living has increased and wages have decreased. Some 15 million Americans are out of work and many fear that they too will lose their jobs. If we do not pass health care insurance reform with a necessary option for entrepreneurs, the working class and the poor, we are looking at many more millions of desperate Americans who will rely on emergency rooms for health care which increases taxes and doesn't concentrate on wellness.

President Obama should be wished much success. His leadership style brings change. Let's each do our part and demand that our leaders in Congress vote for what we want. They are the legislators. We are the people. Call and write your legislators today. What is for certain is that if the President and Congress do not listen to the people and vote accordingly they can pretty much forget about being re-elected. It seems that this is the objective of some,, to merely make this President Obama's "waterloo" as Senator DeMint (R-SC) said. His decision to block health care as well as those of others and not based on the needs of the people.

President Obama we're counting on you to bring change to Washington and in the lives of Americans. We are also well aware, at least I hope we are, that without our participation you cannot effecitively lead in this our representative democracy.


septembermom said...

I really hope that the majority of Americans are not fair weather friends of our well-meaning President. He really needs our active participation in this process. He and the country need our constant prayers as well.

Judith Ellis said...

So true, Kelly. We each must do our parts and in my faith tradition the Bible tells me to pray for those in authority.

Canada life insurance said...

Hello, thank you for your article. Even though I am Canadian I must admit that I am quite worried about the situation in the US. The thing is that something really should be done. There is still more than 15% of Americans with no insurance coverage at all and the system is so costly, too!

All the best,

Judith Ellis said...

Lorne - Americans generally agree that something has to be done, but there seems to be a difference in what should be done, although some 70% of Americans want some sort of public option. I also agree that the American health care delivery system is too costly and Americans are not as healthy as some others in other industrialized countries. Thanks for your comment. Do pass through again. All the best to you too.

Judith Ellis said...

Wow, Lorna, just read your article on AIG. Because of its far reaching and not so far reaching tentacles in European countries and places like Canada, I think this is why it was felt that it couldn't be allowed to fail. But I'm afraid that many of these bailed out companies have since gotten bigger and failure is undoubtedly again inevitable. Something has to be done while I know that Canadians, according to your article and comments, should purchase insurance with this company and already have life insurance policies with AIG.

Judith Ellis said...

One other thing, Lorna, are Canadians purchasing the "Critical Illness and Disability Insurance" or other from other countries? Both perhaps? Does Canada have a mixture of government and private insurance? It is largely believed in the States that Canada has government medical insurance only.