Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Being Reminded

Lest we forget...

"Did you get that?"


rebecca said...

Boy, Cafferty was heated, wasn't he? But he was right, she shouldn't have had to be 'crammed' and brought up to speed; she should've been knowledgeable in this area if she was running for the highest position of the United States. Katie Couric's deadpan/WTF-hidden face was classic. LOL!

So glad she didn't win. So glad. And some people still think Obama is bad? Now, that's funny.

rebecca said...

Excuse me, pardon me, if you don't fully comprehend my above statement - my bad. I say 'highest office' because all I ever thought about during that time was that she would indeed become President because I felt McCain would not see to finish his tenure.

Judith Ellis said...

Rebecca - I agree. I think that she should be called out at every opportunity because if we are not careful ignorance will be transformed into a credible image.

As many of the ignorant protestors at the Tea Party in Washington, I think Palin is also dangerous. Just think about it. She could have very well been the President of the United States speaking before the UN today. What a farce that would have been.

The anger with Cafferty is wholly justified considering what we would have had as Commander in Chief. The thought is frightening. Now, if she would go away and educate herself and be quiet and return, although it would indeed be difficult considering her legacy of quitting and vaunted ignorance, one might be able to better understand.

No worries about the clarification; I understood your point about the highest position immediately. I was going to comment of Couric's classic face in the post but I wondered if anyone else would. You, my sister, have done so! LOL!