Thursday, September 24, 2009

Being a Mother

Eight of my twenty six nieces and nephews belong to this beautiful mother, my sister, Bernadette. Here she is standing with her oldest daughter, Delores, who's named after our beautiful mother. (Delores stands 6 feet tall. Isn't she beautiful?) I am not a mother, but mothering can't be easy. Our mother had twelve children, all by "the one man she loved next to God," and raised us alone with such grace and beauty. Even though she must have been fearful and unsure at times, we never knew it. She was so incredibly graceful in form and action.

Mothers generally have both strengths and weaknesses; mine did. But the most beautiful strengths of mothers are love, honesty and humility. Sometimes mothers act out of insecurity which isn't often love. Sometimes mothers withhold things which isn't always honest. Sometimes mothers refuse to admit they are wrong which isn't always humble. Mothers miss the mark sometimes, but the beauty is that most mothers are doing their very best. Let's support them.

Thank you mothers, everywhere. We don't need a holiday to celebrate you.


Corrie Howe said...

They are both indeed beautiful. And so is your post.

Marion said...

Your sister and niece are gorgeous, Judith. You mother sounds like an amazing woman. Your family is so beautiful. Blessings!

Judith Ellis said...

Thank you, Corrie. I remember your beautiful post about your son. Blessings to you and yours.

Judith Ellis said...

Marion - My mother passed three years ago and she was indeed an extraodinary woman. Standing only only 5' 4," she NEVER raised her voice above a respectable speaking tone.

Imagine having 7 sons and 5daughters who all stood from 5'5" to 6'3" over you?. The fact that she was not tall in stature meant absolutely nothing. Believe me when I say that she didn't take much and was dynamic in every sense of the word, but steady as a rock. She was incredibly beautiful.

Attitude trumped appearance for our mother. Whenever we would get compliments as kids she would say "pretty is as pretty does." She was quite the refine woman and mother and very wise and strong.

Very little escaped her and she was never suspicious or hyper alert. Her gaze was always warm and inviting. It was just that she could just read a situation in two seconds flat. I miss her.

Corrie Howe said...

She does sound wonder. I can understand why you miss her. I read a book when my oldest was a baby. It suggested I earn his healthy respect while he was young. Great advice, he's a lot taller than me too, but he's still got a healthy respect/fear of me.

Stories of me winning boxing matches with my much bigger younger brothers also helped. My brothers were over confident and I'd just place one calm right punch and they were done.

Judith Ellis said...

I love it, Corrie! I think you and I were very much alike. The only thing is that my brothers could not lay a hand on the me, but I certainly laid my hands on them and it wasn't in a prayer meeting! :-)

The Write Girl said...

Hi Judith,

I love your tribute to mothers. What a wonderful testament and so very true. Your sister and niece are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your fabulous family : )

Judith Ellis said...

I'll take them, The Write Girl, and I'm always happy to share.

Dave Wheeler said...

Auntie "J",

You are so terrific my friend. The greatest testimony that you can give to how special indeed your Mom is is through your words and actions. I'm sure she is very proud of how you and your siblings honor her every day by the lives you touch through your words and actions.

You have always been terrifically supportive and encouraging of my trying to get my "business" moving towards reality. I am driven by the wanting to prove a few folks wrong and for keeping a promise I made to you regarding doing something to commemorating you and your Mom. That's gonna happen for sure!

You're the best Auntie J...NO DOUBT!

septembermom said...

They are beautiful! Just like you :)
A lovely post and tribute to mothers. You know your Mom smiles on you every moment!

Judith Ellis said...

Dave, my friend - Thank you so very much for your words. You too have encouraged me to keep up the good fight. When I am unsure of situations I can be sure that you will be honest with me. This, my friend, is worth tons.

I sincerely try daily to first please God and next to honor my mother who gave so much to me. This I did while she was living as well. Many times I am successful; other times I fail miserably. But I get up and try again--quickly.

I can assure you that my siblings all seek the same things, though we go about it differently, have various careers, are at varing levels, and have various temperments. But at the core of who we all are lies a spirit to serve. We are servants.

I will be so happy when you honor my mother; she is so very deserving. She was not only a mother and friend to us but to countless of other mothers, fathers, pastors, friends, cousins, etc. She would spend hours counseling in person and on the phone, pouring into others. She knew no strangers but was very discerning.

I love her.

Judith Ellis said...

Thank you, Kelly, my sister, my friend, for that reminder. You are a beautiful mom too. My mom would have loved you.

Judith Ellis said...

Dave - Regarding your business, you will succeed.

Marion said...

Judith, I'm being nosy and you don't have to answer, but what is the book you're writing about? (The bookaholic in me made me ask you that because I'd buy ANY book you wrote. LOL!)

I'd love reading a book about your family. Your mother was such a wonderful role model. Love & Blessgings!

Judith Ellis said...

Marion, my friend, thanks for asking. I'm writing a novel loosely based on my family. It is good to know that you would buy it as I would buy any book of poems that you wrote. Peace and love to you, my sister.