Friday, September 25, 2009

Being a Woman in Leadership Positions

The insensitivity and ignorance of Senator Kyl (R-AZ) regarding insurance for maternity care and his disregard for women in his constituency clearly show the importance and necessity of women in leadership positions in government and business. His words are astonishing.

It took Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) to get Senator Kyl straight with a simple reality. He still seemed to be in a fog, even though he made a halfhearted quip. If I was in Senator Kyl's state, he would probably not get my vote as he clearly appears not to care about me.


Marion said...

Pardon my French, but what a dumbass!! And don't larger companies with good insurance policies provide paid leave for dads to be with their new babies, too? The man just arrogantly dissed over half the population! Lord, have mercy, Judith. This issue just gets more and more convoluted. Blessings, friend, and thanks again for keeping us informed...

septembermom said...

Talk about not a "politically correct" view! How does he think he can get away with that kind of insensitive and callous remark?

Judith Ellis said...

Uh, you may have a point there, Marion. LOL! The fact that he dissed women everywhere is why I called his comment ignorant.

But I disagree with you about the message. I think it's getting clearer and clearer and people like Senator Kyl wants to muddy the water and stall.

Yesterday, he completely disrespected and yelled at the chairman. His disposition and words were terrible for a serious collegial discussions.

Senator Kyl and other senators sounded pretty close to the ignorance of those town hall astro turfers over these past few days on markups.

Senator Conrad had to call rank and put Senator Cornyn in his place today after he unjustifiably tried to insinuate that Senator Baucus was being partisan. He was not. I was listening in.

Judith Ellis said...

Can you believe it, Kelly? I heard it live. I was like "WHAT?" I think he forgot the cameras were rolling. Then again I also think that what's in us eventually comes out. This seemed to me like something he says regularly. It seemed like a nonchalant but deeply held belief. Did it not?