Thursday, September 10, 2009

Being Owed an Apology

In response to Joe Wilson's outburst last night during President Obama's joint address to Congress and the nation, yelling to the president "you lie" and he himself continuing a lie that illegal immigrants are covered in the current health care bill, Rochelle Riley. Detroit Free Press columnist, writes a thoughtful article. She writes:
It is not enough to say that free speech excuses idiots.

It is not enough that his Republican colleagues denounced him.

Because here's the thing: Not once in the six years that he oversaw lying and misleading and misrepresenting, all in the name of a fake war on terror that pushed billions of tax dollars into the pockets of defense contractors, did President George W. Bush stand before Congress and be called a liar.

Joe Wilson, the South Carolina representative who wrecked his career by calling President Barack Obama a lie during his speech before Congress and America last night, intimated that Obama's health plan offered insurance to undocumented residents.

He was wrong. But he knew it. Still, he thought he'd get away with insulting the president. Until his colleagues turned their backs on him.

So he apologized...

Joe Wilson didn’t insult the president. He insulted America. And every one of us deserves an apology, too.
So, does Congressman Wilson owe Americans an apology?

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