Sunday, September 27, 2009

Being a "Conservative" Columinist

In an article critical of President Obama and his administration, the sullen bitter conservative Washington Post columnist, David S. Broder, in essence called the President an uppity negro, "a highly intelligent product of elite universities."

If you think the above description is a compliment Broder goes on to disdain intelligence and rationality throughout the entire article. He even says that "his (Obama's) determination to rely on rational analysis, rather than narrow decisions" is the problem. Now, can anybody please tell me how this makes any sense at all? Who wants an irrational narrow leader in an increasing complicated expansive world?

In an effort to criticize President Obama and his administration, Broder unwittingly defines the problem with the current Republican Party. Narrow focus and the lack of inclusion are precisely why the Republican Party is in such decline. David S. Broder's article does not improve the situation for his Party in the very least.


septembermom said...

Would Broder demean another political leader's education, ability and intelligence with such words? I don't like the implication of using the term "product". It gives the impression that President Obama is just spouting dogma that was fed to him in the university. How can he downplay all that President Obama has accomplished in his personal and professional life? Judith, you are so right that the Republican party knows how to dig its own grave with these insulting remarks.

Judith Ellis said...

Right on, Kelly! I was going to address the use of "product" but I wondered if someone else might. The statement itself is demeaning, as is the tone of the whole article. These guys know exactly what they're doing; they are, after all, crafters of speeched and educated in many of these "elitist" institutions. Many of these are losing, unable to frame the argument laced with lies and fearmongering. This seems like the problem.

When President Obama appeared on all of the Sunday shows last week just about every conservative news pundit, columinist and politician spoke of the President being over exposed. The problem, as it seemed to me, was with the President himself speaking to the people and they be unable to then frame the debate. "Go way, Mr. President! Go away!" is what they seem to say.