Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Being Gleaners

My friend Kelly at My Voice, My View posted this beautiful painting, "Gleaners" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau on her Sunday Citar. I was moved by the painting; it struck me profoundly. The beauty of the painting depicts the beauty of gleaners, those who reap after the harvest. Gleaning is the process of gathering what is left after the harvest. What is reaped is thought to be sub-prime, yet it nourishes.

There is a harvest after the harvest.

Pressing your hand to the sickle even when it appears that the best has passed or that you are out of options is important. It is also possible to reap where you have not sown. This is the element of grace and humility necessary for us all. We are all indebted to someone or something and our acknowledgment of this is important. In fact, many times we reap where we have not sown. Yet, the sickle is still required.

There is a harvest after the harvest.


septembermom said...

Your insight is always right on point. I'm so glad that you found the picture inspiring as well. I found it quite by accident. It's a treat to find such beauty. Thank you Judith for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

Judith Ellis said...

Kelly - Accidents are often the best finds, eh?. I'm always happy to express and listen. Thank you.

Brosreview said...

A great insight here, as always. Thanks for sharing!

Judith Ellis said...

Insight is simply "seeing," eh, Ajey? Your lyrics are replete with insight, my young talent friend. It's my pleasure to share.

DB said...

Judith, I used to see the homeless in New York City going through the trash cans with a plastic bag extracting all the discarded cans that had a 5 cent redemption on them. When the bag was full they would take it into a place called "We Can" and get the money.

I called them the Gleaners.


Judith Ellis said...

Yes, I can see that, DB.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Ah Judith. Long time no visit. I apologize for being sidetracked. I have been lost myself. Kind of blogging without direction feeling uninspired. I may appear different the way I sound.

Anyway, this is a very interesting post to me, Biblically speaking.

Ruth in the Bible, the daughter-in-law of Naomi, was a very beautiful woman. When she persisted of coming home to Naomi's homeland with her mother-in-law, she worked for them so they have food to eat.

And that job was the act of humility, an element of grace as you said.

Who's farm? She was gleaning from Boaz farm, her late husband's relation. Then by her hard work, she was blessed for she found favour in the eyes of God through the blessing from Naomi and Boaz himself.

As you know, in the end, Boaz married her. Where they begat Obed, the father of Jesse, who sired King David, the Psalmist, where Jesus' lineage originated.

I am truly inspired by this post Judith.

Thanks for coming to visit me. It is such a great honor for me to be visited by an illustrious blogger. :)

Judith Ellis said...

Hi Bonnie - I was over at DB's blog and saw that you had left a comment there. It was good to see you. It has indeed been a while. Thanks for the beautiful reminder of the Ruth story. I know it well. I am glad that you are inspired by the post. I hope you will have a more inspiring blogging experience, one that energizes you to new heights. You have written many words that have been inspiring. Many blessings, Bonnie! We inspire one another.

Corrie Howe said...

I loved the picture when Kelly posted it. But I love your insight. Thanks for sharing.

Judith Ellis said...

Corrie - I love Kelley! I'm always happy to share really and I'm always glad to have you here.