Friday, January 8, 2010


Not being a big fan of PETA, even though I have been in the past, I was annoyed that they used Michelle Obama's image without her permission and refused to change it. This decision, as well as many others, does not endear me to this rather extremist organization. What about the ethical treatment of people?

PETA reasons that it's a public service announcement so the FLOTUS's permission was not needed. (Forget respect, eh?) My reasoning is does PETA intend to collect donations during the time her image is on billboards and buses? What might the recourse of the FLOTUS be?

The POTUS and FLOTUS are astute lawyers so I'm sure something is being worked out or at the very least it's being dealt with. I assume PETA thinks that it would be a public relations nightmare if the Obama's sought legal action. They could not use my image without my permission. Can you say lawsuit?


mrs. miss alaineus said...

PETA lost my respect last year after they chose to use those billboards that equated women of larger stature/frame to whales.

i did not think that any organization had the right to use anyone's likeness or image without their permission. i hope there are consequences.


septembermom said...

Who do they think they are? That's just stealing a person's image and "endorsement". Lawsuit would not be out of order here.

Judith Ellis said...

Oh, Alaina, I had forgotten about that despicable image PETA used. I have written other posts here on PETA and the founder Ingrid Newkirk that are not incredibly favorable. I also hope that there are consequences for the use of the FLOTUS's image.

Judith Ellis said...

Great question, Kelly! You also bring up a great point about endorsement. The FLOTUS probably does not even agree with the extremist element of PETA, although I'm sure she agree with the "protection of the ethical treatment of animals." This might be the catch 22 with regards to public relations but I would begin a lawsuit anyway. The billboard using the President's image in Times Square will be taken down. What's wrong with these people? At first the children with Beanie Babies, which they withdrew, and then the POTUS and FLOTUS. I've never seen this before. Have I missed something?