Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Being on Message

When you allow others to define your message you can be assured that it will not be yours.


The Write Girl said...

Beautiful words Judith, poignant, and so very true. Hope you are doing well.

Judith Ellis said...

Hey Katina - Thank you. I am doing well. I hope all is well for you.

Dave Wheeler said...


I know from are 12,000 percent correct with that observation! As always!

Judith Ellis said...

Dave - I so appreciate your experiences, my friend.

Linda S. Socha said...

I love your comments Judith. This is true and brings other thoughts to mind for me tonight.

As a therapist and a consultant I am at times a bit taken aback, or astounded, by what I hear others telling me what they are thinking they hear me saying! Perception is such a filter for interpreteration...and at times far afield for the original intent. A bit of an aside I know!

Judith Ellis said...

Linda - Oh, I completely understand what you are saying! That's a good point with regards to perception. For me, this is another thing which I think you well understand. Perception is, however, always very important to consider. (How are you coming across?) I was thinking of messaging as in getting yours out there and not allowing others to create or shape it. (What do you want others to know?) The perception element has to do with the reading or the take of the message as you have indicated funneled usually through our own experiences. (How else can perceptions be funneled?) My train of thought here went along the lines of politicking. It is also very relevant to marketing. But your point is beautifully received. Thank you, Linda. It's good to see you; it's been a little while. I do hope that all is well for you.