Monday, September 22, 2008

Being Among Heads of State

Sarah Palin will soon meet with Heads of State at the United Nations and I must admit to being utterly embarrassed. I must admit to feeling terribly awful. What will they think of such a base-less voice with no authority whose foreign policy simply includes seeing Russia from Alaska? Will they assume that we Americans are all so incredibly shallow, so incredibly stupid to go along with such a shenanigan, such a farce? Will they take advantage of such naivete? How then would we fair? Palin could not possibly negotiate global treaties in this very tenuous time. The Heads of State couldn't possibly look at this particular woman as an equal. What will they then see? God, help us.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin will do fine. Because you are partisan, you give the "Heads of State" far too much credit, and Governor Palin far too little.

judith ellis said...

Thanks for popping in and do come again. Please tell me why you have such confidence in Sarah Palin? Also, please tell me why we should not have great respect for our Heads of State? I find it unconscionable that we lessen the importance of education and the dignity of the Office, and replace it with the drappings of bear skins and ditties. I love my plumber, but she is not prepared to lead the Free World. Please tell me why you think Palin is?

John O'Leary said...

I recently heard an actuarial estimate (by a professional who makes educated calculations on these matters) that the chances of John McCain not surviving a first term are better than 40%. (I've also heard lower estimates, but this should at least get our attention in discussing the VP nominee.)

Anonymous: because some well-educated, highly experienced "heads of state" have made costly mistakes does not mean that it is therefore an intelligent strategy for us to elect poorly educated, less experienced heads of state. That is why even thoughtful conservatives like George Will are questioning McCain's judgment on Palin and her "negligible experience" (in his words).

All conservatives should read his column. Google: "Sarah Palin George Will"

A tougher critique is an opinion piece in Time by provocateur Sam Harris. Google: "Sam Harris Sarah Palin Time." Sam is hardly a political partisan.

judith ellis said...

Thank you, John, for your words. They're quite meaningful...indeed.