Saturday, September 6, 2008

Being on Message II

Sarah Palin is a decoy. Forget Palin. What we, the American People, are more concerned about is what John McCain will do for the economy. What we'd also like to know is who has had the greater responsiblility in getting us in this economic mess in the first place.

John McCain cannot talk about change when he has been in the Senate for nearly three decades. He hasn't brought any change yet. Why would we think that he would bring change now? From a purely strategic standpoint: Forget Palin. Attack John McCain on only one pertinent issue: the economy. Palin will then not take the oath.


John O'Leary said...

I sent a note last week to Alan Colmes (of the "Hannity & Colmes" cable TV talk show on Fox) suggesting that when he interviewed Sarah Palin he ask her (1) if she still thought our invasion of Iraq was a task from God as she once believed and (2) if she agreed with her pastor's statement that critics of Bush will be "banished to hell." Alan informed me that they're keeping Palin away from the press - and especially from anyone who might ask tough questions. I wonder why? :-)

judith ellis said...

It doesn't take much to figure this one out. Though, I've just read that she will be doing an interview on ABC. The Republicans are trying desperately to paint the media as liberal. But she will be held accountable for her responses and we must insist that we hear much more from her, being a step away from the presidency with a senior candidate with health issues. The office itself ages one greatly. Remember both Clinton and Bush after the end of four years--let alone eight?