Monday, September 15, 2008

Being a Shock Jock

Tom Peters wrote in a recent blog about the necessity of being civil during this political elections and in business. He writes:

"Tempers flare in elections—and in business everyday. I don't object to sounding off in the privacy of a pub with two friends. I do object to such intemperate sounding off in more or less public discourse.

In politics.
At work.

(Plus: It doesn't work and makes you the idiot.)"

I am right now, at this very minute, watching Bill Moyer's Journal: "How the "shock-jock" media has impacted political discourse."

It's shocking stuff that seems to lead to harmful actions. Freedom of speech must not be curtailed, but what role should personal responsibility play?

These are a few of the shock-jocks spoken of in Bill Moyer's Journal:

Neal Boortz
Glen Beck
Sean Hannity
Rush Limbaugh
Bill O'Reilly
Michael Savage
Jim Quinn

I don't listen to the radio much and I do not often watch Fox, save their financial programs occassionally. Are there liberal shock-jocks? The words heard from the above shock-jocks were shocking, potentially dangerous, indeed!

Does free speech ever cross the line?

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