Monday, September 8, 2008

Being Fearful

It doesn't take too much to figure out why the Palin/McCain ticket (in that order) is up by 4% in the recent USA Today poll. One word: FEAR. The Obama/Biden ticket was up by 7% before the weekend.

Listening to the fearmongering speeches of the Republican candidates over the weekend (prior to the release of the USA Today poll) was distressing; equally distressing is what we will believe and how our fears can be so exploited.

The Republican machine seems to have once again played the war and the "he's not one of us" card to the hilt. They seem to say: would you rather have a bitch or a black? What a choice? Forget your interests! I, MCCAIN, MORPHED IN ONE, AM YOUR INTEREST. Good political move--would this was a chess game, though.

It's apparant now why McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis, said that "this election is not going to be about issues," but about personalities. (Wasn't it the personal that was so decried against earlier in making Obama a celebrity?) It seems that we will vote against our interest if we are fearful.

What a serious game politics is!


John O'Leary said...

Judith, great point you make: "Would you rather have a bitch or a black?" Why should we have to make that choice at all? I think you've provided the best rationale for you to polish the resume and throw your hat in the ring for 2012! :-) You're already more qualified than Ms Palin. I pledge my vote AND support in advance - and offer my (admittedly limited) wisdom and (occasionally insightful) counsel.

judith ellis said...

Thanks, John, for your vote of confidence. This might be something that I may have to seriously consider :-) With your wisdom and counsel, I may go far indeed.