Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Being a Woman of Substance III

There is no doubt that Palin is being paraded around by McCain's male campaign staff for merely political means. What pageantry! She appears as a model on the catwalk who has been all to accustomed to parading about since her days as a beauty queen to her current stomp speeches. But the question remains: Is she ready to lead if necessary?

The strategist, Hillary Rosen, made a valid point on Larry King last night. She asked if we should be attacked and the president needs to be sequestered as George Bush was during the 911 attacks, do we want Palin or Biden in that crucial position? The answer, sans political bias, is undoubtedly the latter. Palin's judgment on so many issues seems too extreme.

The outcry against Palin is not because she is a woman; it is because of her position on many issues. She seems so ill-suited for the vice presidency. It is apparent that the men running McCain's campaign do not think she is ready for the vice presidency. Why else would they forbid her to speak to the press?

How can Palin be ready to lead a country if she is not ready to Meet the Press?

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