Saturday, September 20, 2008

Being Truthful

Where are we headed? The question seems not whether direction can be defined, but how we come to move this way or that. This too may be insignificant if we are forever guided by unfeigned reality, a collection of moments of the here and now. Truth exists even when direction is unknown.


John O'Leary said...

Judith, everywhere I'm hearing more cries of alarm about the quality of political leadership we're being offered in this country. And specifically, I'm FINALLY hearing outrage from educated circles about the lack of qualifications of the Republican VP candidate - e.g. from conservative columnist George Will, from pundit-provocateur Sam Harris, from Christian progressive writer Anne Lamott. Lamott recently wrote: "This woman takes such pride in her ignorance, doesn't have a doubt in the world about her messianic calling." Why wouldn't we expect our candidates for national office to have "elite" skills? (And what is wrong with electing a President who is a constitutional law scholar?)

judith ellis said...

John - Thank you so much for that! It's encouraging indeed. Education and experience (not just political) were beginning to look really bad. We were beginning to look like a nation who disparaged these important qualities. What does this say to our youth? Thank God for the light of truthfulness.

Why hadn't I come across these opinions? They need to be heard. This will not, however, change my utter embarrassment about Palin's meetings with heads of States this week at the United Nations. A meeting with leaders does not make a leader. A leader is not adorned but earned. I'm so incredibly embarrassed that she may be seen by others as the best we can produce. This is NOT so!

Thanks again, John. You have made me happy.

judith ellis said...

The fact Obama is a constitutional law scholar should make us feel a little safer in that he will uphold the Constitution of our great country. This time in history feels like a watershed. Did it feel like so in the late 60's and early 70's?