Monday, September 29, 2008

Being Prepared to Lead V

At the very minute you began to feel somewhat sympathy for Sarah Palin she hardens you with her arrogance and sheer stupidity. (What other word is there?) Have you ever seen such ignorance? The lows get lower. When asked by Katie Couric in the second interview if she is ready to serve, with Papa McCain by her side, she jumped on Couric's question as if she was taught to do so, perhaps in preparation for Thursday's debate, confidently exclaiming with a touch of self-doubt, "Not only am I ready, but willing and able to serve if I'm so blessed by the American people to serve as vice president..." This is ludicrous, America!

McCain and Palin both said whined almost simultaneously that the media was engaged in a "gotch" scheme when a student, not the media, asked Palin a legitimate foreign policy question. In an effort to explain her comments to the student, that was in opposition to McCain, both she and McCain blamed her own inadequacies and failures on the media. This is shameful, America. The media did not ask the question; a voter did. This is getting painfully embarrassing.

Palin should bow out as Kathleen Parker suggested for the good of the country. Step down, Palin. Surely you know you are not qualified to be president. You are not a part of a gotcha scheme. You are simply unprepared to serve as president of the United States. For the good of all Americans, and the pride of women everywhere, please step down, Sarah Palin! I could not even laugh as I did with the first SNL skit, as many of Tina Fey's words were, in fact, your very own. The very thought of you being president is scary and painful. Please step down. You are most certainly not prepared to lead.

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