Monday, September 8, 2008

Being Incited to War

In remembering the speeches of the Republicans during their convention (Graham, Giuliani, Thompson), I was appalled at the mean-spiritedness and the seemingly grand-wizardliness of the speakers. (Was that uncivil?) The rhetoric was frightening. The Democrats during their convention, in my opinion, was by far more civil. I even wondered while listening to the passionate rhetoric of the speakers above, espousing Country First, as a diety, if we were being incited to war. I wondered the same while listening to the Republican candidates over the weekend in Michigan to the thunderous applause of the audience. What is this insistence on war if it's not to reve the country to a continued cycle of war? Is Iran next? These sort of speeches as those given by many at the Republican convention were beyond uncivil. It felt more like we were being incited to war.


wmmbb said...

Not uncivil of you Judith, but very, even cynically, uncivil of them, and that includes that great patriot, John McCain. They do not care.

Game on, as they say, but can anyone fight with one arm tied behind their back. Much like the children, who become the collateral damage (or is inconsequential damage?) of the heroic quest of aerial bombing.

Apparently, the cherished outcome is never lessened by the means used to acquire it.

judith ellis said...

This is a deadly game that must be addressed. My friend, the poet, Naomi Shihab Nye, got me to really thinking about the deaths of so many children of the Iraq War (Did you listen to the video of her interview with Bill Moyers?) that my heart was sickened and remains so to this day just thinking about them. May God bless the families of the lost.

wmmbb said...

I did. Thank you for the link. I will have to go back and listen again.

judith ellis said...

Naomi is a great poet and a most wonderful person. I am blessed to call her friend.