Thursday, September 11, 2008

Being a Solider Without the Shine

It's been only a few hours since the separation of Palin from McCain on the stomp; Cindy McCain has now resumed her role as sideline spouse. Good on her. But there is not much there together. It is apparant that without the shine of the new the old becomes obivious. This is not change.

McCain seems rattled, unable to answer tough questions from the media about his purely political choice. The uncomfortable smile returns, directing our gaze away from his elusive quest for the White House evident in his eyes. He will not get this chance again.

The biggest concern is that after the shine has worn off what then will we be left with? Polices that won't make our country safe? Those that will not grow the econonmy, educate our children for fierce global competition, reduce the deficit, address global warming, increase energy iniatives, and bring our troops back home from Iraq?

We can suspect the shine will return to the side of the solider but more importantly will it fade after November? What then will we be left with?

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