Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Being Prepared to Lead

Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee, Admiral Mike Mullen, the Joint Chief of Staff Chairman, said that we cannot win the war in Afghanistan without others. His statements before the Committee was a stark admission to our progress in Afghanistan. "I'm not convinced we're winning in Afghanistan. I am convinced we can," he said. Alliances are needed in order to fight the war on terrorism. Admiral Mullen continues:

"Afghanistan doesn't just need more boots on the ground," Admiral Mullen says. (This the Chairman said after the recent announcement by President Bush to re-deploy thousands of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan) "We can't kill our way to victory, and no armed force anywhere -- no matter how good -- can deliver these keys alone. It requires teamwork and cooperation."

Now imagine Palin commanding the respect in meetings with world leaders in an effort to restore allies and build new one. (She only recently got a passport.) It's simply unimaginable. Now imagine Joe Biden in such a position. (He's had a passport for years.) He's clearly capable.

Obama has chosen a responsible vice presidential candidate, showing that he is prepared to lead. McCain has made a political decision in choosing Palin as his vice presidential candidate, putting us all at risk and showing that he is not prepared to lead. Many brave men and women serve in the Armed Forces. Over 600 POW's were held in the Vietnam War. We honor their service. But all patriots are not prepared to lead.

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