Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Being Honest

How is it that one who admittedly knows little about the economy wants to suspend his campaign and go to Washington to help fix the economic crisis? C'mon, Senator McCain, must everything be about politics as your VP selection? Is this the man who said that just nine days ago that "the fundamental of the economy is strong?" Does Washington really need two presidential candidates who have been on the campaign trail for the last two years adding more drama to the already dramatic situation? NO! Absolutely not!

John McCain needs to face the music on the campaign and answer the questions by the people. He also needs to go forward with the debate. We, the People, need to hear from him. We have a sitting president. Whether you agree with President Bush's policies or not, he IS the president. There is no doubt that McCain needs a respite considering the many debacles he has made over the last nine days. He has been flailing around in the wind. The real question seems to be one of honesty. Really, what can McCain do in Washington at the moment besides bidding time?

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