Thursday, March 5, 2009

Being President Barack Obama V

President Obama is being berated essentially for doing what Tom Peters calls "managing by wandering around." He has been criticized for essentially being too present. But he is doing exactly what he should be doing. As any good president of any country, corporation, university or organization, he or she develops a plan, picks a staff and then leads.

When have we ever seen such an active president? President Obama often holds brief and not so brief press conferences on immediate and long-term plans. He goes to Congress to push legislation. He goes on the road with his plan. He meets Democrats and Republicans for dinner to discuss policy. He visits various administrations regularly. He addresses the country via youtube weekly. He plans and participates in financial and healthcare summits.

Personally, I have never seen such an active president. In less than two months, President Obama has signed the largest bill ever in the history of America in record time to address our most eminent financial crisis. (He has prioritized.) He has outlined a plan to stablize the housing market and end the Iraq war. He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act. He made his first foreign trip to Canada and hosted a foreign leader, Prime Minister Brown of England. Should I mention that President Obama also hosted both Earth, Wind and Fire and Stevie Wonder?

President Obama's confidence that he can do many things effectively seems to stem from his confidence in himself first and then the confidence in the administration he has assembled. He leads and manages the internal (administration) and external (us) staff by walking around.


Cynthia said...

Judith, you are so right -
A "present" President is the best
news for this country. He is
showing not only is he intelligent
and efficent but caring and

CathM said...

Agree Judith & Cynthia but unfortunately, Obama is in a ‘lose-lose’ situation (because whatever he does, whatever his approach - there will be many many many critics like vultures eyeing their prey and ready to pounce and devour)... I think this presidency is going to TEST him to the LIMITS (on an individual level and as a world leader).

judith ellis said...

Cynthia - Isn't just wonderful! I also love that his Princeton and Harvard Law School educated brilliant wife is so very compassionate.

The First Lady seems to have a real heart for the less fortunate and this is so incredibly beautiful and inspiring for a nation to see, especially our young people. It is also a wonderful message of service for people around the world.

Khaled KEM said...

You forgot Judith to mention that he met with the prime minister of Japan.

I guess what he is doing is wonderful but media still bringing how people are still skeptical about the future and that the Market is still tumbling and This...and that...maybe we have all to go to sleep for few years and then wake up to find us living in a better situation!

judith ellis said...

Hmmm, CathM? I think the President is just where he wants to be. He seems unimpressed by negativity or harsh criticism. Great leaders thrive in times of crises and delight in winning over others.

He is not incredibly moved by Congressional negative naysayers. When necessary, he goes right to the Amercian people. We are behind him some 80% and he has done what no other president has yet been able to do with regards to the stimulus package.

Watching him during the Healthcare Summit today, President Obama never ceasesto amaze me. He continues to rise to every challenge, listening thoughtfully and responding brilliantly.

We have seen the heap of rubble that was once a man or woman; these had sought by their many years to undermine and tear him down or oppose him for reasons untoward.

Yes, we are for healthy productive opposition and debate. But in this particular time especially, we are not for overwhelming partisanship and negativity.

allen said...

Have you seen the news about Obama's grey hair?
I noticed it months ago - I thought that it was made purposly grey to make him look a bit older. The news just noticed it and thinks its because of his job.
I think it's been so long since anyone truly gifted has been president that the pundants just don't understand this guy.

judith ellis said...

Khaled - When did he meet with the Japanese Prime Minister? I missed that. Regarding the media, I completely did not watch ANY news over the weekend, including the Sunday shows which I normally watch. It was health for my spirit. I also watched much less news this entire week.

Sometimes it can be quite upsetting listening to these often ignorant brash pundits and snarky showy newscasters. (I had to turn off Joe Scarborough today.) Many of these seem to think they know more than what they actually know, and think as if we are tuned in to hear them. Think again! Many times I want to scream, "just report the news, you idiot!"

judith ellis said...

Allen - You are so right. The media and other politicians are seem utterly clueless because he is so bright and gifted. Regarding the gray hair, I thought the exact same thing a few months ago when I saw the change. But really, c'mon.

I am more concerned about keeping him healthy and safe. Outside of this, the President seems to have an inner strength that hasn't been seen in leadership in a long time. He has a combination of gifts. His wife, for sure, has a lot to do with his confidence and strength.

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord." It's too bad that all wives are not such, not to mention that all men are often lacking in this area as well. Partnership is so very important to success.

When the President was asked why he didn't stay in Canada overnight, he indicated that he wanted to be home with his family. This is beautiful stuff.

Allen said...

What is very encouraging to me is the support Obama has from the country. I wanted him to win, but I never thought he would be as popular as he is. People trust him and like him in a way I've never seen. He makes people like Rush Limbaugh and Joe Scarborough seem small. Obama is not just a politician but he cannot accomplish what he wants without being a great politician. He just seems like he knows what has to be done and will get it done his way. He plays politics like Jordan played basketball - it his own game.
And Michelle and the kids are amazing. I think they play a big part in the county's affection for the President.

judith ellis said...

Allen - I felt the same way as you. I thought he was fantastic, but I wondered if everyone would see what I saw. They have seen what we have seen indeed and not just Americans, but people all over the world.

He is without a doubt a masterful politician. But above all, he appears to be a great person. What he does day in and out you could not fake; the hearts of so many could not be fooled. Plus, I don't think the First Lady would have it. Nope.

President Obama is a mixture of worldliness and spirituality. I do not believe that he takes many people in the media seriously at all. But there is respect for them, nevertheless.

I love the Jordon analogy; he is also as beautiful, confident and fast on his feet as Ali.