Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Being Ellington Ellis

"Between the past and the present there is no space; and therein is found the wormhole of universes untold. To discover the opening between the past and the future unlocks the mystery of existence and reveals the Theory of Everything."

-- Ellington Ellis


septembermom said...

Wonderful quote. The "opening" is in this very moment. Time for the "Oh, I get what it all means" moment. If only, we could operate with that true clarity throughout our day. I guess that is why life is a constant struggle. At least, we can all try and reach for that understanding. Even if we never reach it, we can be satisfied that we aimed for such a goal.

judith ellis said...

Yes, septembermom, so true. It is often difficult to live in the now. Ellington, in fact, does exactly this. For this, and so many other ways of being, he never ceases to amaze me.

This investment banker and serial entrepreneur has the artistic sensibilities and wisdom of our dear mother. He is also, without doubt, his father's son.

When I read these words for the first time this evening, they grabbed me intensely. Ellington has a book coming out in the Spring. Perhaps he will grant me an interview here. I'd really that. He's a fascinating guy.

CJ said...


Can't wait to read his book.


judith ellis said...

Me too! I hope he gives me an interview. :-) I'll post it here. I'm thinking of also getting more than a few of my other friends, many recognizable ones, in various fields, to grant me interviews for this blog. That'll be fun and you guys would probably appreciate their eclectic voices. They're cool! By the way, did you ever meet any of my brothers when we were at Michigan? Did you ever come home with me?