Thursday, March 5, 2009

Being a Beloved

Her voice is one of sweetness.
But her eyes, narrow and searching.
He is the beautiful one.
Husband of compassion.
Father of love.
Tall, loving, striking, strong.
In one way she is an equal.
Perfect ten, beautiful skin.
But a motherless mother,
a wife of discontent.
She will never be pleased.
Stripping, small daily deeds.
Seething envy.
Steadily stealing
All that is his.
He ultimately gives.
Thousands mourn.
Enters she.
What now remains?
Nothing of the same.


Cynthia said...

Hi Judith, this is a seering portrait of a woman boiling on the
inside, impossible to ever satisfy,
who has hitched onto a person who
is actually beautiful inside as
well as outside. Well-written,
clean and weighty.

judith ellis said...

Hi, Cynthia. Thank you. I once new in the body such a beautiful man very well. You have seen this situation clearly. She is now quite empty and the weight of her actions weighs heavily on her.

All of us who so loved him are now there for her; the man who we all loved so dearly is physically no longer here. I was always concerned about this, knowing he was such a sensitive and beautiful soul. Today, we love her in spite of herself. God had to help us all with this. He so graciously obliged.

We also have the offspring of he who we love so dearly to consider, not to mention the necessity to "do good to those who despitefully use you." My mother showed us how to love. We are indeed happy and blessed that she did.

Brosreview said...

This is simple yet quite effective!!! The message is crustal clear. Nice!!!

Ahem, I have always noticed me mum and other women always whining about not been/being able to do or give more. Why? Why can't you women/mothers stop thinking so? You have done all you could and have been the best that is possible.

Or, probably, this one is not focussing alone on women. I reckon a perfectionist or a judgemental person is always dissatisfied with his/her work. Ahem, I am slightly like that (at times). I realize I am focusing mainly on the "discontent" word here.

A nice post!!!

judith ellis said...

"I reckon a perfectionist or a judgmental person is always dissatisfied with his/her work." This is a brilliant observation, Ajey, which I think largely answers your own questions. Men can also be so judgmental that women feel as if they can never do enough.

There are also many ways to subversively undermine another and other ways of building the other up which includes humility, trust and partnership. This is not a gender issue but a human issue. Love and wisdom, by the way, are great guides.

What is for certain is that if we do not get want we want or think we should get, we will work overtly or subversively often to do so. The issue than becomes once you have what you think you need or want, what will you know do?

Was it worth it? Was it best?