Monday, March 2, 2009

Being Funny VII

Here is David Letterman on Rush Limbaugh's performance at CPAC.

From one comedian about another "comedian" this is funny!


Brosreview said...

Hahaha... I cracked up right from the beginning until the end. A serious note with Letterman?! But, I still admire how he brings across his rather serious point coated in comedy.

Thanks for sharing this!!!

judith ellis said...

Hey Brosreview - I did the same! I also think that it is hilariuos to call Limbaugh a comedian. There is no doubt that, as Rahm Emmanuel said over the weekend, he's the leader of his Party. Funny, he is not!

"Incendiary," a word used to describe Limbaugh over the weekend, he most certainly is. Even the dittoheads who are into him rarely seem to be laughing. If they are, it's a sardonic laugh.