Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being First Families III

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in London today for the G-20 summit. There is a lot of buzz about the First Couple. I thought it odd that President Sarkozy was huffing and puffing and threatening to walk out of the G-20 summit if certain regulation policies are not met. Why announce it? Simply head back to France,though probably not without fanfare. He does appear to be a bit temperamental.

Is there a little competition here with the striking leader of the G-20 from across the pond? I also thought it odd that President Sarkozy's wife, Carla Bruni, who was a hit in Britain last year and noted for her beauty and style but not her compassion, intelligence and down to earth quality (not that she's lacking in these attributes particularly), will not be accompanying her husband. Hmmm? Afraid of being upstaged?

But, oh, we love the French!


The Write Girl said...

Michelle Obama did look lovely accompanying the President today.

Hey, I have a thing for France...don't know why but let's not pick on them : )

judith ellis said...

Michelle Obama looked great! And, yeah, I have a thing for the French too! :-)