Thursday, March 5, 2009

Being a Family Man

Malia and Sasha Obama got a new swing set this week. I do not think that it is by accident that it was placed right outside of the Oval Office window.

This reminded me of something my brother once said to me: "When I am not near my children my hearts aches a little. Just the sight of them gives me joy."

America, we have an extraordinary president who honors family.


allen said...

Something occurred to me the other day as I was watching the Obama clan walk around together. For years, conservatives have talked about family values and then preached at us all with lists of things we need to do to foster these family values. What they never did was give us an example of a family. Where is james Dobson's family? Or Pat Robertsons? Or Rush Limbaugh's?
And what about Ronald Reagans family? Obama's example of family says more than any of these people who want to impose their idea of family values upon us all.

judith ellis said...

So true, allen. So true! Thank you so much for the truth of these words. It exposes the hypocrisy which is the imposition that you simply, but eloquently addressed. Beautiful!

This imposition also lacks love in considering the plight of so many others. It's a mean narrow exclusive view. It's quite frankly UGLY! I have written here on Being James Dobson.

Check it out; it's relevant to this discussion.

Thanks again, allen. Good to have you here.