Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Being Kathleen Sebelius

President Obama has tapped Kathleen Sebelius as his Secretary of Health and Human Services. Johnathan Cohn, an expert on health care policy, writes at The New Republic:

People marvel about [Sebelius'] managerial abilities and there's no question about having the relevant experience. She was the state insurance commissioner before she became governor; over the years, she's fought to stamp out fraudulent carriers, block dangerous industry mergers, and overcome lawmakers opposed to expansions of government health insurance for kids. She's well-known and well-liked by the health care advocacy community. And while she's not steeped in the ways of Washington, she'd have plenty of advisers to help -- not to mention a strong relationship with Obama, based in part on her bipartisan touch.
This is good. But are we namely looking for someone "steeped in the ways of Washington?" This seems almost like a disadvantage, although I'm aware of the necessity of understanding these "ways" in order to get things done. Our politics are often prohibitive in bringing the change needed.

I'm thinking Sebelius will be a good Secretary of Health and Human Services. I like her style.

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