Sunday, March 8, 2009

Being an Artist

"Photography is not an art. Neither is painting not sculpture, literature or music. They are only different media for the individual to express his aesthetic feelings… You do not have to be a painter or a sculptor to be an artist. You may be a shoemaker. You may be creative as such. And if so you are a greater artist than the majority of the painters whose work is shown in the art galleries of today."

--Alfred Stieglitz

You can be an artist in any field. What kind of artist are you?


dave wheeler said...


I recall reading a quote from the 1950's that said "Trainers are the apostles for the potential of people". Having long been a trainer and leader I would say I "sculpt" the future leaders of my company,or who knows, perhaps our country by enabling them to see and realize their personal and professional potential. I guess that makes me a "Talent Artist!"

Great topic!

judith ellis said...

Wow, Dave, are you actually embracing the term "talent" these days--forget artist? LOL!!! Now, that's something. Yes, I have always felt like an artist after being a performer, writer, and entrepreneur of various businesses. When I read this quote, it rung incredibly true to me. I thought that others, no matter the field, might also identify with it.

By the way, I like the idea of leaders being sculptors, as they mold "clay." There is something there to work with. This is very important in that we each bring something to the table, whether the scalpel or clay. The role is often reversed as any great sculptor will tell you.

The clay almost seems to take on a form of its own while being shaped by the sculptor. I have read more than a few books on Rodin. I was once madly in love with him until I began reading about his life and his relationship with Camille Claudel. My love for his artistry has returned; my disgust for his mistreatment of women remains.

Cynthia said...

Besides the artistry of poetry,
jewelry design, collage-journaling,
cooking and creative prayer that leaves me with artistic listener.
Ahhh, me. Sometimes I crack my
own self up, up up and away.

judith ellis said...

Funny, Cynthia. Thanks for that. "Creative prayer that leaves me with artistic listener." I have known this well. It comes from what I want to hear as opposed to what is being said. :-)