Friday, March 13, 2009

Being a Pundit, Newscaster and Analyst III

Why Jim Cramer agreed to go on Jon Stewart's show is beyond me.

Jon Stewart is brilliant!

Will Jim Cramer survive? I don't know.


allen said...

The Cramer appearance was great.
His point that news networks should have dug into the story about credit default swaps with their 30 to 1 odds much earlier was spot on. Cramwer handled himself well in that he didn't show any anger and seemed to agree with Stewart.

judith ellis said...

Agreed. But can we take him seriously now when talking about our money?

jd rand said...

John Stewart is a comedian. For him to invoke self righteous arrogance about another television commentator is pathetic. There are dozens of financial advisors in the media. Cramer made the mistake of publicly excoriating the stupid economic gyration of the Obama administration.

Jim Cramer was quite gracious. John Stewart will one day reap what he sows.

judith ellis said...

Hey JD - Just because Stewart is a comedian does not mean that he is without merit. I guess what eludes me in your comment is that you seem to imply because he is a comedian that there was no truth to what he said. The would be patently false.

Another thing, I'm not sure I understand the righteousness of your tone with the "Stewart will get one day what he deserves." What? Some sort of punishment for making loads of sense? And you completely lost me with the whole Obama adminstration thing. I have no idea what you're talking about. Explain, please.

One other thing...Cramer picked the fight, not Stewart. Oh, another...Cramer HAD to be gracious. He was being eviscerated by his own words and to be anything else would probably have caused his MAD Money ratings to sink even more.

But I do give him credit for not defending his "snake-oil" side. Let me also say that I did not watch it when it aired on purpose. I knew he was going to get hammered and kinda felt bad for the guy. But not that bad... obvioiusly.

By the way, Joe Scarborough, was very silent today on the issue after railing on Stewart before. Nothing was said about this "self righteous arrogance about another television commentator" when he plummeting Stewart.

allen said...

Cramer did had a rant about a week ago where he said that the Obama administration was destroying the nations wealth.
I think that might have been what prompted Stewarts initial response. I don't see anything wrong with that.

judith ellis said...

Thanks allen. I didn't know that. I also see nothing wrong with the response. Stewart also made a clear distinction that he is not a financial analyst and that his logo does not include "in Stewart we trust." Herein to me is the clear distinction between the possibility of greater public harm.

By the way, I appreciate your fairness on issues, not to mention a keen sense of observation. You seem to have a basic nature of goodness and want the country as a whole to be thoughtful and successful. This is appreciated and respected. Thank you.