Sunday, March 15, 2009

Being Hopeful

While watching C-Span this morning, Dana Perino, the former Press Secretary, spoke of her recent work in South Africa with the faith-based organization, Living Hope.

The interview was a reminder on the importance of service and the great work initiated by President Bush to aide the global AIDS crisis.

Hearing the name of the organization, Living Hope, I could not help but ask the question, is there any other kind of hope, save that of the living?

If you have breath, there's hope!


Meena said...

Yes, "If you have breath, there's hope!" But, if you are depressed and there is despair, you are not hopeful.

Any living being always has hope - there is a way to get out or make it better. But sometimes they lose it inside....its hard to keep.

judith ellis said...

Meena - I understand your point, lovely writer. But what is the alternative poignantly--death?

We are helpers one to another. Where my hope wanes, hopefully, another can lead me there again.

Keep hope alive!

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, as always. I like to see you here.

Meena said...

"But what is the alternative poignantly--death?"
For some its resigned-ness...or apathy. They just give up.

"Where my hope wanes, hopefully, another can lead me there again."
I would love to think that is true, but a lot of times, I realize, each of us is alone. We have to be the ones to remember to keep hope alive or if we can't manage to keep it alive, we have to be cognizant that we need to get it back.

Thanks! I like being here too.

judith ellis said...

Ah, "resigned-ness...or apathy" is without doubt a kind of walking death.

Where I have ever gotten a since of apathy or resignation someone or something has always lifted me on wings of love towards hope.

Never ever ever give up is my motto!

Keep hope alive!

Brosreview said...

Love the last line a lot. Time and again I have mentioned that hope drives mankind.

If you are living, it is quite inevitable that you are hoping as well.

Nice post!!!

judith ellis said...

Ajey - Good to see you. When I first heard the saying, "keep hope alive," it was during Jesse Jackson's 1988 speech at the Democratic Convention. It was a brilliant speech and he was at one time so very relevant. Today, when I think of him I sometimes sigh in pain. Though I am most grateful for the work he did in the past, especially many many years ago.

CJ said...

I remember you cheering him on to win back in '84.

But looking back on it I don't think he was the right man for the job. He lacked the maturity, the character, etc. for the presidential job.

He's done alot of things wrong. But he's also done some things right.

judith ellis said...

Ah, CJ, those were the days! He is without doubt a smart man. But I agree with much of what you have just written.

Meena said...

Yes, try to keep it alive :)

judith ellis said...

For sure, Meena! For sure!