Saturday, March 21, 2009

Being a Poet II

The legitimacy of the pen, the illegitimacy of thought, though they are owned, nonetheless, transferred into poems no matter the content or form.

This is the life of a poet.


Khaled KEM said...

Hi Judith,

Thanks for identifying a true part of a poet's character.

I always wonder: what's the true meaning of being a poet? I always ask myself am I really a poet? What makes me a poet? (of course besides knowing the rules of writing poetry, sonette vs free verse, haiku, stanzas, etc..).

I never tried to identify my poetry, to be honest sometimes I do. I know that my words have a lot of imagery, symbolism but I never intended it to do so. I even start with an idea and by the time I finish the poem it turns to be something else. I agree that our thoughts, emotions and experience in life guide us towards the hidden words in the subconscious.



judith ellis said...

Hi Khaled - As Cynthia's work, yours too defy category. But what is for certain is that your words paint beautiful moving images, offer meaning, and tell a story of life, love and death, physically and metaphysically. For this, I thank you. I love popping into your blog. You are a wonderful writer.