Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Being a Pundit, Newscaster and Analyst II

Recently I wrote a piece, Being a Pundit, Newscaster and Analyst. Included is a classic Jon Stewart clip. Here's another. Check him out; he's really funny.


steveroni said...

Hi, JE...glad you came over to see me, and this is my first visit to your place in the blogosphere.

Actually I don't watch Jon Stewart, but this was a funny piece. Thanks!

BTW, nothing against Jon S., I just do not watch TV any more. Wish I could make the time.

Lately, (I'm also classified by my peers as a 'free spirit' whatever that is -grin!) I'm busy being a sober alcoholic, and helping others to stay sober. NOTE: I didn't say "Get sober"...but "Stay sober." Hope you don't mind the distinction there.

See you again, I hope.
Steve E.

judith ellis said...

Hi Steve, I came to your site through Rhi's and was happy to find you. You do a great service there and I appreciate it very much.

Regarding distractions, I'm quite fond of them. Sometimes they lead to very interesting places indeed and regarding time it's all about where you spend it and what you do with it. For me, variance is important, people too.

I would think that we all probably need to "stay sober" about a great many things. We often begin with a good idea that we do not stick with. In some ways, this requires a kind of staying sober or focus.

Hope abides! "Now abides faith hope and love, these three. But the greatest of these is love."

Peace and blessings to you, Steve.

Oh, Jon Stewart is really funny. Sometimes a good laugh is a great and necessary distraction. It's also a kind of medicine. Laughing makes the heart merry and a merry heart brings joy to ourselves and others. Joy is important.

All the very best!