Thursday, March 5, 2009

Being Imaginative III

The imagination is how we make sense of things around us; this is interpretation from which a well springs. Imagine!


dave wheeler said...


Now that is profound,,,many times the things around us make no sense. Imagine. Innovate. Improve. Talk bout a formula for "real" change!

judith ellis said...

Dave - The imagination is simply how we see things. It is this interpretation that makes the difference, no matter the field or area, personally or professionally.

I like: "Imagine, Innovate, Improve" It's a great formula indeed. I have written here exactly of these three. We can't really have one without the other.

Reading ingnites the imagination. Daydreaming too! Today we are so saturated with movement, things that others move that is not necessarily progression, I wonder if we are stiffling the imagination.

Imagination is interpretation; it's how we see things.

judith ellis said...

By the way, Dave, your take on the outside world being in a state of confusion was not lost on me. It is, in fact, often the impetus of the formula given.

But the "real" change is often not as easy as thought. I am thinking of the President, for example, if he went in slashing, burning, insisting, and demanding, absolutely nothing would get done. There are ideas and then there are processess.

Wisdom is needed in Washington and in ALL cases when dealing with those "things around us that make no sense." If we are going to start the process of change, for it is the process that matters first and foremost, wisdom is paramount. Results will follow.

"Wisdom is the principle thing."

Brosreview said...

"Imagination is interpretation" - I readily agree. Well, I better cause all my lyrics carry two to three different (sometimes completely opposite meanings).

You know Judith, sometimes, it is so nice to read people interpreting my lyrics differently. Gives me the encouragement to keep on writing.

And, yea, "Imagine, Innovate, Improve" - a great formula!!! I think we seize to exist if we stop imagining.

Thanks for posting this!!!

Brosreview said...

Judith, speaking of interpretation; could I ask you to check out my latest release "The Asterisk". It carries three different meanings. In the mean time, you could check out my album titled THE. You could access it from the label "Album THE" below the post. It would be great to read your interpretations of the song.

judith ellis said...

Brosreview - We are all instruments through which externals flow and how we intrepret these makes a difference in our words and actions.

Our thoughts define us; they are the impetus for our actions. The beauty is the vareity and diversity of experience that influence our thoughts and interpretation. What we do with them matter too.

Running out for breakfast with a friend this morning but will pop over to your blog later. Have a great evening as it would be for you.