Monday, December 1, 2008

Being a Democracy

The beauty of the U.S. Constitution is the sense of freedom, the forever striving for it out of which came a system of capital that required an innate necessity for self-regulation and corporate responsibility. The Framers spoke of this often.

The corporate is the body, fitly joined as the human body. We are a corporate body professionally and nationally. Systems, such as democracies, are what people make of them, theorems aside. Actions become more relevant; they determine systems in the long run.

The beauty in the modern democratic system, out of which capitalism sprung, is the sense that we are forever becoming "a more perfect union." We forever becoming a more perfect corporate body.

Tom Peters' quote for today reads:

"Democracy does not demand economic equality but it does demand, front and center, a widespread perception of fairness."

The U.S. democratic system was not perfect when the union was formed, but there was that "widespread perception of fairness" that built a great nation and will reinvent it yet again.

Democracy embraces freedom. The perfect law of liberty is the law of love.

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