Thursday, December 11, 2008

Being Senators Shelby, Corker, and McConnell

As I have listened to Senators Shelby of Alabama and Corker and McConnell of Tennessee speak against the loan of the U.S. auto industry, I wonder if their decisions lie in the fact that Toyota is manufacturing cars in the States of Alabama and Tennessee, creating a market for this foreign auto maker.

While each Senator does what is best for their respective states, I wonder if particular states can be destructive to the whole. I wonder if the government subsidized foreign car manufactures, which were given huge tax incentives to locate in the South undoubtedly brokered by the aforementioned, have built such relationships with these senators that no plan of government assistance to the US auto manufactures would be favorable for them.

Yes, I understand that Americans are being employed and this is good. I also wonder about the fractionating of states and the allegiance of our United States Senators. The Bush administration is considering the whole and not individual parts; thus, they are advocating assistance of some kind for the Big Three.

With nearly 500,000 Americans filing for unemployment insurance last month, I wonder if this creates a serious national problem. It's unfortunate that the administration did not enact regulation and consider the whole before now. At this point, they have little clout or credibility with their own senators.

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