Sunday, December 14, 2008

Being Graceful Under Fire

Yes, I know that President Bush is not known as one who is graceful under fire. But I thought the way he handled the situation in Iraq when the reporter fired two shoes at him in rapid succession rather well. Thank you, Mr. President.

As any story can be spun, I can only imagine how this one will be spun on late night TV. I have often laughed at David Letterman's "Great Moment in Presidential Speeches." We can probably expect lots of jokes. But I won't be laughing.

By the way, did anybody notice how long it took the secret service to arrive through the doors to protect the president? Not good!


Ellington Ellis said...

I see :) I do not believe that the reporter was seeking to harm the president. It is a cultural act, as I have been informed, to throw shoes in showing contempt at those in power who abuse such power. My 2cents. The secret service had vetted and search everyone prior to thier entrance. They were probably snacking outside in complete satisfaction of a job well done. :)

judith ellis said...

You have traveled to that part of the world and know much more about the culture and people than I. I would hope, however, that Head of States would be more respected when they travel. The reporter was not respectful.

The reporter also seemed not to have much respect for his own president. He is undoubtedly having his snack behind bars. I hear that he has not been released yet, though he is being hailed by some as a hero.

I agree with you about the reporter not seeking to harm President Bush. As as you know, rock throwing may not necessarily harm the body, but its message is meant to demean and degrade the soul. This is what I didn't like to see.

But I feel you about the "complete satisfaction of a job well done." :-)