Friday, December 12, 2008

Being a Single Dad

My handsome brother, Ellington aka Duke, is a wonderful single dad. I am so proud of the way he is raising his daughter, Abbey. She is kind, giving and very inquisitive. Today he sent me these pictures of his new home. Even though it's in a gated community, we can be assured that the gate will be opening and closing often.

Ellington is a most loving and caring man, with a heart of gold. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14 and has always shared his success with others--not to mention that he had a thriving progressive church with some 700 members at the age of 23. He no longer pastors, though he remains in ministry. Ellington is an investment banker with a penchant for the piano. Jazz is a favorite.

Ladies, Ellington is also very single-not that he needs my help in this area. Believe me! Sensitive intelligent caring women who love children need only apply. :-)

Ellington (He actually hates ties!)

I hate ties!

All Season Sun Room

Glam Abbey!

Glamor Shot of Abbey!

Rear Deck Lake View

Abbey with older niece, Raven

My Abbey-10 years old I only Got One

Rear House View

My New Digs!

Abbey's older cousin, Delores, who Abbey thinks is sooo "KEWL." Delores is named after our beautiful mother who raised 12 children alone. She would have never actually have said that she did so alone. Though brilliant and industrious, she had an unshakable faith and believed in the kindness of others.

My Kewl cousin...she can Sing!!!! see her in hollywood.

Dad takes Abbey and best friend, Taylor, shopping.

Abbey Shopping with friend at Justice

Abbey driving the Mercedes G Wagon. Perhaps Duke will now buy a GM Hybrid SUV. I chided him a bit today. He laughed--fat chance!

OMG! Here she is again

Abbey's other best friend, Shi-Shi

Shi Shi one of Abbeys best friend-Classmate

Nieces and Nephews

Neices and Nephews

Nieces and nephew, Pierre, sporting a mohawk and shades

Best sister and aunt in the whole wide world! :-)

Ellington has 9 remaining siblings, 26 nieces and nephews, and many friends. Ladies who love others need only apply. :-)


Leon Basin said...

That is great! It's a hard job, that's for sure.

judith ellis said...

Hi Leon - You're right! It's not easy. But Duke's really determined to be a good dad. I'm sure he takes solace in this: If my mom can do it alone and raise twelve well-rounded kids, he can most certainly do it with one. He also has the support of my sister who lives nearby.

David Porter said...

Judith: If my sister did this to me on a blog, I would be having words with her :)

All that aside, it is encouraging to see your love for him and his for the family. Great stuff!

judith ellis said...

David - I'm literally laughing out loud! We have not had words yet and I know we will. But I'm sure he's used to me by now. This is most certainly not the first time I have tried to hook him up. After his first marriage, he may be a little shy. But he'll get over this, especially with my help.

Funny thing, women love him. He's quite sociable, though very thoughtful. He's affable, but a bit intense. Perhaps next year will be his best year ever in love. This is the hope at least of a sister who loves him dearly.

By the way, the ex still comes in often and stays with them, as does her parents for the holidays. So, a lady with a hint of jealousy need also not apply--though I'm sure things will change to a large degree if he were to marry again. Abbey's mom is Pakistani and they too believe in family.

Laurie said...

Hi Judith,
I have know Ellington for a few years, met him while I was a single mom....and he has been an inspiration to me since. He is the most incredible father, most sincere, loving man I know and melted my heart (somewhat hardened at the time)the moment I met him when he looked into my eyes and said "someone hurt you very badly". He has been there for me in some of my darker days and I feel truly blessed for that. So Im with you in that I cannot give him enough kudos, he is definitely one of a kind. Im grateful for whatever capacity he is in my life and he will always be in my heart.
As far as my application-he knows its there !! lol