Sunday, December 28, 2008

Being President-Elect of the United States III

President-elect Obama and cabinet must hear the voice of the people when making policy or continuing old ones. We are a government of and by the people. The American people are speaking out against the killing in Gaza and if we are not heard it will be devastating politically and morally. Currently, we do not need further moral crises.

If President-elect Obama and cabinet listen more to lobbyists and think tanks, it will have a devastating consequence. We call for restraint by Israel, especially as Americans feel a certain degree of responsibility for what is occurring without whose support Israel would not have such aerial capability. Dropping one hundred tons of bombs is not restraint.

Americans are calling for peace and justice in the Middle East, even in hushed tones. But such concealment aligned with increasingly ill feelings is not born in a vacuum. In fact, concealment and such ill feelings can cause to flourish and fuel irrational mob behavior. We have seen this before worldwide. When this happens the truly irrational becomes rational. We must look at our individual and collective responsibility of such destruction of human life.

America, we are indeed at a watershed period. How will we move forward?

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