Monday, December 8, 2008

Being Driven in Business

"Drive your business! Let not that drive thee."

--Benjamin Franklin


David said...

Renaissance woman! You go girl! Lots of TP love in the Motor City today!!!!

judith ellis said...

Thanks, David. Gotta love giving some love in the Motor City!

dave wheeler said...

I guess if one has to share their source of inspiration with another, Tom Peters would be one to have to do it with. Outstanding but not at all surprising as I have often found much to think about or act on in our conversations.

Not letting your buiness drive thee is indeed a terrific rule to live by. It gives one time to think, enjoy life's pleasures, and the opportunity to serve, in any and every capacity you chose.

Thanks for being "Judith"...every day Ms. Ellis! You're the best.

judith ellis said...

Dave - Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement. As I have often said here and many places elsewhere, it is the words of others that enable us to move forward continuously, especially in moments of doubt and uncertainty.

You have most certainly spoken words of encouragement to me and for this I am grateful. Thanks, my friend. It's been over a year since we've come to know each other on the TP Blog and later here and I am glad about it. Best to you today and always. You're the best!

judith ellis said...

It's awfully nice having a David and a Dave giving some love! It's also great to have you commenting here; you are both very thoughtful and I have learned from each of you. Thank you.