Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Being in a Winter Wonderland

On my evening walk fluffy snowflakes fell the entire 6 miles. A blanket of whiteness covered everything. Such innocence is beautiful.

As I walked passed the high school, a yellow school bus pulled into the parking lot. The students jumped off with gaiety...

"Bye Kelly."
"Bye John."
"Bye Sarah."

Some slipped and slide to cars where their parents awaited; others threw snowballs at each other as they waited for theirs.

"Bye Nate."
"Bye Jill."
"Bye Tim."

The byes kept coming. There was love in the air and a sense of longing. But they would see each other tomorrow.

"Bye Jake."
"Bye TJ"
"Bye Brittany."

Then I remembered that Winter Break probably begins this week and when you're that age two and a half weeks seems like an eternity. I smiled.

The snow continued to fall, swirling around my head and feet.

Ah, I remember.


Ellington Ellis said...

Awesome! The cadence of byes gripped me.

judith ellis said...

Thanks, Ellington! You are your mother's son: "The cadence of byes." Lovely.

Catvibe said...

That is so very sweet...:-) Thanks for the memory.

judith ellis said...

Thanks, Cat. Pleasure. The scene moved me.